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Business man spying at the office listening behind the door – white collar crime?

The year 2017 will bring a large-scale IoT security breach, with fleet management, retail, manufacturing, and government at the highest risk, according to experts. So, what does 2017 mean for security for your enterprise? ?Time will tell. ?But experts have their opinions already.

2016 was a year of incredible technological advances, and 2017 is poised to offer even more to the world. However, with great new tech comes even greater risk of malfunction, security breaches or worse. It?s good to be excited for the future technology to come, but also to be wary and ready for the top threats of the coming year.

A Breach of IoT –

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has become quite the buzzword over the past year – and for good reason. With IoT comes the ability for interconnected devices, making a network of the world around you. However, while IoT may offer unlimited possibilities for introducing new technology into your organization, it also brings with the the threat of security breach, and one that hasn?t been witnessed on a large scale yet.


Continued Threat of Ransomware –

Although encryption key security is becoming more advanced, ransomware attacks are still going to be a relevant threat in 2017. With access to sensitive information, ransomware attacks are able to leave organizations groveling on their knees for a price they name – and don?t always give them the keys back to their data once they?re paid.

Hacking-as-a-Service –

As with all successful trends, as hacking grows in popularity it?s beginning to commoditize itself. With tools and strategies abound on the internet for half-hearted criminals to employ, 2017 and beyond will see a higher risk of general hacking attacks due to the ability to hack being in the hands of more people than ever before, or being able to easily hire a hacker – which could become a major problem for unprepared organizations with valuable information.

Espionage –

After the cybersecurity news headlines of 2016, it?s no secret that governments are now relying on the invasive abilities of cyber attacks for their own political interests. Even if you aren?t a government contractor, your organization could still be at risk from foreign entities. One analyst believes that North Korea may be posed to interfere with Western business as retaliation for sanctions, and 2016 already saw its fair share of government cyber interference.

Typosquatting –

With the proliferation of fake news sites exploding in recent news stories, hackers have taken this as a tactic to employ a new type of attack – typosquatting. In this style of attack, hackers use domain names similar to popular sites your employees would visit on a day-to-day basis, prompting them to enter sensitive credentials and gaining access to their data without ever having to enter your network.

A Lack of Guidance –

With all the security threats facing your organization, both old and new, trying to keep your organization secure can feel like a nightmare. One of the biggest mistakes many small and medium-sized businesses make is going at it alone. Trusting the expertise of an IT professional not only guarantees your organization?s safety, but takes the stress of cybersecurity off your back so you can focus on the business functions that matter most to your customers.
The New Year is the best time to analyze threats on the horizon, and to start a partnership with an IT consultant that will help you make the most out of the upcoming technological advances.