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Backing up your data is important to any business, are you using the right habits to keep you and your information safe.

3 Backup Habits You?re Not Proud Of – And How to Fix Them

For most business owners, data backups are something easily forgotten until the worst-case scenario occurs, and you realize all your data has been lost. Usually this is a lesson only learned once before understanding the value of backing up your data and buying or hiring a backup software or system.

But is your data properly backed up? Not all backup systems are created equally, and not all data storage systems can back up your data. And there?s a good chance your backup habits are lacking – almost half of business? are. Keep reading to find out if you?re guilty of making any of the popular backup bad habit mistakes.

Confusing Backups and Archives

On paper these look to be the same thing – it?s both filing data way for a rainy day, right?


This is one of the key missteps organizations make when pursuing proper data backups for their organizations and choosing the wrong service can end up having dire consequences on the data you?re trying to protect.

In short, data backups are like carbon copies of your hard drives and data at a given point. If a disaster or mishap occurs, a backup will get your system back to how it was a few hours or days previous. An archive, on the other hand, is the systematic storage of old information to be later accessed for reference – it?s like the cold storage of data. If you?re relying on an archive for a backup, or a backup to archive your data, then you?re going to be unpleasantly surprised when the time comes to rely on either of these services you employ.

Avoiding the Cloud

Let?s face it, at this point in technology, cloud computing is no longer taboo. At the dawn of the cloud age, many folks argued for public vs. private clouds and the security benefits of each, but in today?s cloud-centric computing world the cloud is no longer an option but a necessity. And when it comes to backing up your data, it?s still the simplest, easiest and most effective way to ensure your data is secure and stored in a manner that?s easy to access after an emergency.

Cloud solutions are everywhere – and even in places you may not realizing. Avoiding cloud-based backups just because they?re ?in the cloud? is no longer a valid excuse for poor data backup practices – and is going to leave your organization vulnerable if a backup restore is necessary.

Taking the Easy (And Cheap) Way Out

Like all consumer purchases, applying a backup system for your organization usually has a cheap option, and a good option. Sadly, many business owners choose a cheap option for data backups because it?s a ?just in case? measure – but rarely realize the actual cost and value of that sensitive data they?ve built up over the years.

When you choose a backup program or plan, it?s going to be worth your time and money to be sure it?s a program that will have your back when you lose your data. To this regard, working with an IT consultancy is the most effective way to ensure your data is going to stay protected and accessible in your time of need.

When you chose to work with an IT partner, you?re putting your data backup responsibilities in the hands of tried-and-true professionals with years of experience in data management. That means when you lose power, get hacked, or your organization is affected by a natural disaster, your data will remain safe and secure until you?re ready to get back up on your feet – as soon as the lights go back on.