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In the digital age, organizations of all sizes are trying to improve their technology without bankrupting the company, which means many executives are trying to understand the benefits and risks of outsourcing IT. Like with most advancements, there are challenges that come along with progress – and to decide whether IT outsourcing is right for your organization, you need to be aware of both.


PRO- Cost Savings


First and foremost, cost savings are the most common reason companies look towards outsourcing IT. By alleviating the need for a large in-house IT staff, organizations that outsource can continue to keep up-to-date on their IT needs without the budgetary impact of a top-tier IT team.


CON- Uncontrolled Downtime


It could be bright and sunny in your office, but if your manager service provider is having a hard time, that means your IT might be out in the cold too. One of the draws to managed IT services is that if you go down, your IT provider will likely still be standing – on the other hand, if your managed IT service provider is seeing trouble on their end, you might be stuck with the consequences. Additionally, any downtime for updates or maintenance on their end may not be clearly communicated, which is something that should be analyzed on a vendor case-by-case basis.


PRO- It?s Off Your Plate


Potentially the second most valuable aspect of outsourcing IT is the new free time your company?s employees and executives have now that they don?t have to deal with IT. When you outsource IT, it means IT is off your plate of responsibilities. Having an in-house team may be preferable for some, but that means it?s going to require management and oversight for staffing and budget, which is more time out of your executive?s day. If you?re a smaller company, those running aspects of IT may be also wearing multiple hats and responsible for other duties too, meaning that their attention and time is split between multiple tasks. Outsourcing IT allows your team to have their time back, and to focus it on what really matters – improving your business.


CON- It?s Out of Your Hands


While one of the positives may be that you don?t need to upgrade hardware yourself with outsourced IT, it also means you can?t. When you outsource, your IT is now out of your hands, which means upgrades and maintenance is done at the whim of your provider, and your direct control over your organization?s IT is limited.


PRO- Hired Professionals


When you outsource IT, you?re hiring professionals whose only job is to manage and repair your IT infrastructure. Manager service providers rely on their expertise, which means they believe in hiring top-notch professionals to keep your outsourced IT live and up-to-date. When you outsource, you should never have to worry if your IT guy is ?good enough,? but be able to rely on a team of experts who have your back 24/7.


CON- Potential Security Leaks


The biggest risk in outsourcing IT is the risk of trust. When you outsource IT to a managed service provider, you?re basically handing the nervous system of your company over to a team of strangers. If they?re untrustworthy or unprofessional, this could mean some of your most sensitive data is easily acquired or already propagated onto the web, which could have serious security risks for you back in the office.


The way to avoid this catastrophe, as well as the other two major risks in outsourcing IT, is to work with a trusted local IT service provider. Finding the right fit in outsourced IT doesn?t just mean finding a company with the best tech, but finding a group of IT professionals you know you can trust and who will make sure you?re IT outsourcing experience doesn?t become an IT outsourcing nightmare.