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In the offices of today, almost every business function ties back to a server in some way. Whether it be accessing email for employees to contact clients of colleagues, to browsing the web to research answers to a business issue, to running an ecommerce platform for your business online, the servers in the background are what make every technological feat possible in your organization.

Taking care of those servers is a major aspect of business functionality – but for smaller-sized businesses without major IT departments, may be easily overlooked as a critical piece of business infrastructure. That?s why many small-to-medium-sized businesses are looking to server support management to get that responsibility off their plate.

However, before you?re ready to shell out some of your hard-earned revenue for a third party to maintain your servers, it?s important to understand just how much these IT partners will be doing – and the benefit they?ll bring to your organization.


New Servers are Setup on the Fly

Although investing in ?new servers? may not sound as cool as spending your hard earned revenue on some kind of new technology your competitors will be envious of, it?s an important aspect of IT maintenance and innovation. And when you do invest in a new server or servers, ensuring servers are set up correctly is the only way they?re going to maximize their potential in your IT processes.

Unless you have a dedicated IT team, setting up new servers, and ensuring they?re secure and running at maximum capacity, might as well be brain surgery. When you hire a team of for server support management, you?re hiring a team of IT experts with years of experience in setting up and managing servers. This means you?ll rest assured knowing your latest IT investment is set up correctly and running smoothly from day one.


You?ll Never Need to Worry About Backups

Quick – what?s the worst IT disaster that can befall an organization in 2018? If you said being ?hacked,? your close, but it?s one step worse – it?s losing all your data. Whether it be employee records, marketing leads, or the information regarding every sale you?ve ever made online, keeping your data secure is a top priority – and not securing it can have dire consequences.

If something were to happen in your organization right now, whether it be a major hack or a natural disaster that wiped out your entire office, would you be prepared to get back to work the next day?

Having a comprehensive data backup system for disaster recovery is critical in 2018. When you hire an IT team to run server support management in your organization, one of the responsibilities they can take on is ensuring that backups are consistently stored and ready to go – meaning you?ll have one less thing to worry about when something does go wrong.


When Anything Goes Wrong, You?re Covered

Besides hacks and natural disasters, there are a plethora of other ways disaster can befall your organization. And for as much trust as we put in the machines we use on a daily basis in the business world, it?s quite common that at the worst possible moments they break.

With that in mind, preparing for broken technology is just as critical as having data backups in place. Hiring IT experts to take care of your server support management means that when something – or anything – goes wrong with your servers. From a security breach to an unplugged wire, you?ll have 24/7 customer support to ensure you?re back-up-and-running in no time.

When you partner with an IT consultant like NENs, our team of expert is ready to tackle any problem, at any time of the day. Whether you need new servers installed, backups put in place for disaster recovery, or for someone to figure out why that machine keeps blinking a different color, our team will be on the scene and have you back up and running as if they were part of your in-house IT crew.


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