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At NENS, we love helping our clients set up their ergonomic IT solutions for improved employee safety and comfort.?


3 Key Elements of Effective Workplace Ergonomics

Are your employees safe and comfortable at work? We don?t mean sitting in tall-backed leather chairs comfortable, but ergonomics is a key aspect of workplace productivity – and can help prevent injury and accidents that could cost your organization time and money.

?Improving ergonomics? might bring to mind flashes of overly-hip companies offering bean bag chairs and open workspaces – but that?s not always necessary to help improve how your employees work. In fact, just a few small things can make a world of different for your team, and we can help you get them started.


Step Up to the Standing Desk

It?s becoming pretty common knowledge that sitting all day isn?t good for our health – in fact, a recent study likened it to smoking cigarettes – but for most professional jobs, sitting all day is a given.

That doesn?t have to be the case anymore. Thanks to standing desks, business leaders can now offer their employees a chance to get up and move during the workday. And it?s not just for health and weightless benefits – they?ve been shown to improve organizational efficiency and employee morale.

But those health benefits are key. According to one study done in the, implementing standing desks could account for one hour a day less of sitting, and an adjusted 7,492 ?health adjusted lifestyle years? across the organization. That can be a world of difference for longtime and new employees alike.


Keep Employees Safe and Happy

Workplace ergonomics aren?t just for trendy standing desks and crazy-shaped keyboards. The need for effective ergonomics in the workplace also has a lot to do with another important but easily overlooked aspect of working – safety.

Depending on your organization, safety may bring connotations of OSHA fines, or mean little to nothing at all – but it?s still a key element of keeping employees happy and productive. According to OSHA, over 5,000 people were killed in accidents on the job in 2016, and that?s not just doing heavy construction work.

Implementing effective workplace ergonomics to keep employees safe – from having correct furniture to necessary PPE when employees are subject to dust and debris – is critical in keeping a productive workplace. Plus, it pays off. Improved ergonomics and safety initiatives on average result in a savings of 2.7 times the investment put in, which means spending money on safety could save your organization money down the road.


Avoid the Notorious Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We?ve talked about safety and trendy standing desks, but now it?s time to consider the silent killer – poor typing etiquette and notorious carpal tunnel syndrome.

Just because carpal tunnel syndrome surgeries are one of the most commonly performed doesn?t mean it?s something to brush off. This is a danger all office workers face, and over 5 million employees in the US are affected by the issue, and 18% of those affected leave their jobs within 18 months.

It begins with repetitive motion and poor posture, and can lead to immense pain and loss of feeling in the hands. Anyone who?s experienced carpal tunnel is sure to agree it?s no walk in the park.

For most office employees, CTS can be avoided with proper typing etiquette and the correct hardware to work on. As the business leader it?s your job to ensure these tools are available to your employees, for their benefit and for the company.


Get Started On Workplace Ergonomics

Spending money on more ergonomic furniture and tools for your workplace may not seem like a priority at first, but keeping your employees safe and happy will in turn keep them productive and healthy – and that?s good for business.

At NENs, we love helping our clients set up their ergonomic IT solutions for improved employee safety and comfort. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you provide the safest, most comfortable, and most productive workplace for your team.