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Door label Do Not Disturb – world backup day – 31 March

In case you didn?t know, March 31st is World Backup Day – which means if you haven?t already put data backups in place, it?s a great time to start.

For some folks, every day is World Backup Day – but for those of us not always on top of our data backups and management, it?s a great reminder to take a look at our best practices and fix what?s not working for 2018. It doesn?t matter what the piece of technology is – backups are important, and if you haven?t done so already, take some time on World Backup Day to make sure you?re ready for disasters in 2018.


Backup for Cybersecurity

Unless you?ve managed to completely avoid reading the news for the past few years, it?s no secret that organizations across the globe are fighting an increasing number of cybercriminals every day. Across the globe, millions of networks are infected, causing billions of dollars in damages through ransomware, malware and phishing scams.

Cybercrime isn?t going to stop anytime soon, which means it?s up to smart business leaders to take the proper preparations to ensure their data remains secure. Take some time on World Backup Day to ensure your systems are fully prepared for any range of cyber-attack – and that your valuable data can be easily restored after a siege.

Backup for Physical Security

With so much of business moving onto the cloud, it?s easy to forget one of the most important factors in safety – physical security.

Although your servers and computers may not seem like a major target to criminals, physical security is still a pivotal concern for businesses across the US. Whether criminals are targeting your data directly or not, any harm done to your servers during a break-in could leave you without the data you value most – and in a worst-case scenario, truly affect your organization?s bottom-line.

Additionally, with smartphones becoming such a hot commodity for business leaders and civilians alike, they?re becoming an easy target for criminals to grab when your guard is down. And once a criminal has your phone, chances are they?re going to have direct access into most of your personal data once they get into the device.

Having backups in place, especially off-site or in the cloud, means you can rest assured knowing your data is safe if you find out your organization or device was breached by an undesired guest. Take some time this week to ensure your backup systems are ready for a physical intrusion. On the off chance it ever does occur to you, you?ll be happy to know your data is secure.

Backup for Disaster Recovery

Just like cybercrimes, natural disasters are never going to stop being a threat to your organization. For many organizations, getting through the disaster isn?t the hard part – it?s getting everything back up and running after.

Whether you?re a victim to a fire or flood, or a major disaster like an earthquake or hurricane, having backups in place for disaster recovery is the only way to ensure your business can weather any storm – and come out on the other side ready to get back to business.

Let?s Get Started

Ensuring your data is properly backed up for any threat isn?t a walk in the park, which is why it?s common for organizations to partner with an IT consultant to take over the technological-side of their backup process.

If you want to make this your most effective World Backup Day yet, give NENs a call and learn how we can best suit your backup needs. Our expert staff can help you pinpoint the most effective backup solutions for your organization, and will treat every day like World Backup Day for your business.