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3 Signs Your Company Desperately Needs Managed IT Services

Is your organization struggling to keep up with the demand of modern technology? You?re not alone.

Small and medium-sized businesses across the country struggle every day to maintain the IT needs – and when they fall behind, the results can be catastrophic. Keep reading to find a few key scenarios that show your IT team isn?t making ends meet – and then what to do about it.


Your Technology is Archaic

Let?s face it, we live and work in a modern society, which focuses on the tech we need to get through the day. Modern employees rely on a host of technological devices, from smartphones to desktop computers, to get there job done – and if that technology isn?t up-to-speed and working properly, productivity can rush to a screeching halt.

Updating that aging tech is a process however – and if your IT team is limited, it may be a process that goes from being done in a timely fashion to note done at all. And while vintage is always in, it?s not a good look for your office – at least, as far as workplace technology is concerned.


Your IT Team Isn?t Handling Their Workload

One of the biggest signs that you need to rely on managed IT services is seeing that things simply aren?t getting done. As small businesses become medium-sized businesses and beyond, it?s not uncommon to see IT team members become overworked – and then not getting to every project they need to complete.

Whether it be the latest software updates or patches on your cybersecurity systems, keeping IT efficient is all about maintenance. This maintenance, however, can be time consuming and tax the resources of a small team, meaning critical projects may not be completed.

Missing even a few security or software patches can be a disaster for your businesses – which means your IT team not getting to everything they need to do is a constant threat to your organization.


?Cybersecurity Is an Insurmountable Problem

The biggest threat to business today is cybercrime – and if you?re not prepared to prevent it, your organization is 10 steps behind.

Organizations that lag behind in their cybersecurity efforts are living in a constant target – and once a hacker finds your organization in their sites, it can cost you. In fact, the average cost of most small and medium-sized business data breaches is upwards of $117,000, and cybercrimes at an all-time high and not looking like they?ll be curbed anytime soon.

If your organization doesn?t have a cybersecurity-equipped IT team, it?s time to find a way to ensure your cybersecurity bases are covered before it?s too late.


Find the Right Partner for Your IT Needs?

If your organization checks off all of these boxes – or even just one – it might be time to find a managed IT services provider. But, ending up with a bad managed services provider can be worse than not having one at all – which means it?s critical you find the right fit for your organization.

At NENs, we have decades of experience in managing our partner?s IT needs – from simple maintenance and technological updates to cutting-edge cybersecurity – and we?re ready to help your organization too. Give us a call today to learn about how our IT services can take a load of your IT team, and improve your organization?s efficiency.