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If you are an Android user instead, here are some tips to revive your phone to work optimally for you.

1.??? Remove and Clean Your Case (and Protectors)

Do not let dirt build up on the surface or in the nooks of your tech devices. It can and will affect its performance. Not to mention it is not sanitary. Take the cases and screens off and use gadget friendly cleaners to remove the debri.

2.??? Open Up Space

Most Android devices have two storage spaces: your internal space where you store apps and your SD card where your music, photos and video live. Clean up the CD card like you would your PC and delete ones you do not want or need. If you see any folders that look like settings for apps you can remove those too. There are also apps out there for cleaning them up like the SD Maid.

To clean your internal space, uninstall apps you rarely use – these can easily add up! If you find your storage is very limited, try moving the apps to the CD card instead. That could free up some internal space. To do this, go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications. Then select your app and tap the ?Move to SD Card? option. Some may not allow it, but others will.

3.???? Give Your Battery a Boost

Just like roadside AAA, you can easily get yourself a phone battery boost. Lots of Android phones are famous for sucking battery life empty (iPhone too). If you have not looked at your settings in a while, this is a good time to make sure you are getting the most of your battery. This can include turning brightness down, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not using and turning off any eye candy. Tweak these settings yourself or use a program like Tasker or JuiceDefender. You might consider investing in a second battery for emergencies in your car for emergencies.