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The new year is upon us, which means new budgets, new sales goals, and 365 more days to try and win new customers.

That last part can be tricky. In today?s business world, winning customers has less to do with face-to-face interactions or sales calls, and more to do with your online and customer-facing presence. There are plenty of ways, however, that you can boost this presence for your customers – and can be started before the New Year?s resolutions wear off.

Supercharge Your Ecommerce Experience

If you?re running a business in the digital age, then you understand that online is where business happens. Rare are the occasions that customers walk into physical offices anymore to conduct business. Today, most purchases, from goods to services, are done through online ecommerce portals.

If you had customers coming into your store, would you let your store look run down and out of date? Of course not, so why let your ecommerce site look the same?

Creating a seamless and well-integrated ecommerce experience is a must-do for your customers. Not only will a successful ecommerce site track customer trends and data and automatically forward that information into your sales CRM systems, a well-kept ecommerce site will give your customers the confidence that you?re a respectful vendor worth doing business with.

Renew the Face of Your Brand

If your ecommerce site is how you seal the deal for your online business, then your website is how you get them in the door. Just like your ecommerce site, a well-designed and updated website is crucial for improving customer relations with your brand.

Think of the last time you saw an outdated website for a company, perhaps with hard to navigate pages and links that lead to 404 errors. Did you want to do business with that company?

Your website is likely the first thing your customers see – like the window-shopping of online business – which means to attract and customers you need to keep up with that window display. You don?t need to be making drastic, overly artistic changes either – just having a team working with you to ensure your website is up to date with the latest design and technological standards, and available to easily update it per season or sale of your choosing, will go a long way in ensuring your customers want to connect with your brand.

Offer Superb Customer Service

As the old adage goes, ?the customer is always right,? and in the case of online business, the customer is always right 24/7.

If you?re organization isn?t already offering easy-to-use online customer service solutions, then you?re behind the curve. Options like automated chat and text boxes to help customers get in touch with sales, customer service or support are becoming industry standard in online business, because being able to get in touch with your customer is crucial for creating a successful brand.

When customers have a problem, don?t you want to be able to work with them, address and solve the problem immediately? Integrated customer service solutions allow your team to do this, and more, to ensure your customers are as happy as when they first purchased your product.

Integrating customer service solutions, or ecommerce solutions, website redesigns, or any other customer-based technological step, isn?t an easy process however. To successfully implement your changes, it?s best to work with a trusted IT partner to help you along the way.

When you work with an IT consultancy like NENs, we assist you with each detail of every technical step to help you provide your customers with the solutions and services they deserve. And, should anything ever go wrong, we?re just one call – or chat box – away from getting you back up and running.