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The internet is a dangerous place ? especially for business leaders whose employees could accidentally breach secure and sensitive data. You wouldn?t leave your car unlocked in a major city, so why wouldn?t you take to prevent endpoint security breaches? Not having an effective endpoint security plan in place is not only like leaving your car unlocked, but akin to having all the windows down too.

For many folks though, the issue is not realizing what exactly good endpoint security means ? and taking steps to prevent a breach is tough when you don?t see the threat, to begin with. To understand that, you need to understand where the pain points and real threats lie, like:

Malicious Email Attachments

This is one of the most common endpoint security breaches in an organization, and we?d be surprised if you?ve never had it happen. Maybe it?s just an errant email that gets through, or, when a smart cybercriminal is behind the driver?s seat, it may appear as an email from a coworker or manager asking you to open a link or download a file.

These emails are a type of phishing scam, and are alarmingly popular and effective, especially when paired with a familiar email address or from the line. These attacks are commonly utilized in ransomware attacks and can spread like wildfire through an organization if unchecked.

Suspicious Links

Technically a facet of the malicious phishing email danger, suspicious links play a vital role in getting a hacker?s code onto your machine or network. These can be anywhere, from a phishing email to a website visited by an employee they shouldn?t be on, to a perfectly legitimate website that was recently compromised. When an employee clicks on a suspicious or malicious link, there?s no guessing what they could be downloading ? from a trojan to ransomware to malware you might not even notice for months.

For the most part, suspicious online links are going to be a major issue on websites employees shouldn?t be on at work. Although legitimate websites can be compromised, it?s much less common than an employee visiting a sketchy site, and a little bit of cyber education on the subject can go a long way in helping employees avoid clicking on suspicious online links.

Fake Web Ads

Everyone who has ever used the internet has seen these. Originally they began as the popups everyone knew and loathed, usually with some kind of irrational promise like, ?click here to receive you?re $10,000 bonus,? or ?register here for a free Caribbean cruise.?

Handy online tools like AdBlocker and antivirus programs have helped dramatically stem the flow of popup ads across the web for most users, but that doesn?t mean the danger is gone. Specifically, danger now lurks in the most effective revenue system the internet has ? ads.

Not a day goes by on the internet without a user seeing an ad, and for many of us, we?re just so used to them we block them out. However, although most ads are legitimate and targeted for your interests, smart cyber criminals can sneak their malicious links into these, drawing folks from a perfectly safe site onto their compromised pages.

Like popups, fake web ads are hard to avoid for users, and they?re going to constantly play a dangerous role in internet use as long as we keep ads on the internet – in short, basically forever!

Outdated Protocols Lead to Endpoint Security Breaches

One thing all of these breaches have in common is that outdated security is going to help make the incredibly effective for a cybercriminal to access your machine.

The days of a simple antivirus program running every aspect of protection for your employees is far over, and effective cybersecurity in 2019 is a multi-faceted endeavor that requires constant vigilance to stay up-to-date with the latest threats.

No one expects you to be an expert in the latest cyber threats facing your organization, but you still need to keep your data and employees safe. That?s where an IT consultancy comes in. Our team of cybersecurity professionals offers the expertise your organization needs to remain on the forefront of cybersecurity protection, without the need for an in-house team or for business leaders to learn the skills and take the responsibility for safety themselves.

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