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With the new year comes new changes for many people and organizations – and in many cases, exciting new partnerships and service opportunities for organizations with renewed budgets for the new year. And, with 2017 having been a year littered with cyber-attacks across every continent in the world, and technology being more vital to business success than ever before, many smart business leaders are allocating some of their budgets to the services of IT consultancies to keep up with digital innovation. But, how do you decide potential IT partner is the right fit for you? Here are 4 expectations you should have of an IT partner to ensure you?re making the right investment in your organization for 2018.

An Expertise in Digital Threat Management?

2017 was a big year for a lot of people, but especially those in cybersecurity. Countless major cybersecurity disasters befell organizations and governments across 2017, including massive ransomware attacks, the resurgence of the WannaCry virus, and new and devastating exploits in software.

2018 is already starting off with a bang as far as cybersecurity is concerned, so ensuring the IT consultancy you?re considering partnering with is prepared to help you face the next big cyber threat is a major aspect of choosing a vendor.

  1. Constant (And Reliable) Support

If you?re going to be paying an IT partner to have your back, you?re going to want to be sure they can actually deliver in your time of need. There?s nothing worse than having to wait on hold for 3 hours to fix a simple problem – or worse, not being able to get in contact with your IT service provider at all.

A reliable IT service provider worthy of your partnership will have an excellent support system at the ready – and will be happy to show you how reliable their support can be. If a potential candidate doesn?t mention or appear to be willing to be available 24/7 when you?re down, it may be a sign to look elsewhere.

  1. A Balanced Ecosystem

Today?s IT professionals face more threats and problem-solve more issues a day than ever before. This means that a successful IT service provider can?t really just be a master of one thing, nor a jack of all trades, but a master of every aspect of your IT system.

When it comes time to choose an IT service provider, you need to ensure that they can handle every problem that comes across your help desk. From emerging cybersecurity risks, to updated software patches and understanding the need for hardware upgrades, having a well-informed IT service provider as your partner is your key for moving beyond your competitors.

  1. Genuine Concern for your Business

This is potentially the most important part of your search for an IT service provider, because it won?t matter how much expertise they have if they don?t genuinely care to help you look after your business.

Working with a local IT service provider means you?re teaming up with people in your own community, who care about the success of your business. Choosing the right IT partner is choosing the right group to team up with for success in 2018 and beyond – so let?s get started!