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5 Excuses You Need to Make for Improving Data Backup for Your Business

Are you backing up all of your data? If not, you?re taking a major risk – and one that may affect your customers too. Just in case you need an excuse to take a better look at your data backup practices, keep reading to learn 5 excuses as to why you should be improving your data backup systems for your organization.

Cybercrime Is On the Rise

If you?re not worried about cybercrime affecting your business, then you don?t know enough about it. Cybercrime damages are expected to exceed $6 trillion by 2021, and the rate of cybercrime affecting small and medium-sized businesses has been steadily increasing since the dawn of the internet.

It?s Hurricane Season ?

If the recent hurricane then turned tropical storm Florence is anything to learn from, the weather is nothing to take for granted for businesses – because it?s hard to stay profitable when you?re three feet under water.

Even if you?re not in the path of major annual hurricanes, disaster preparedness is key to combat whatever unavoidable issues your organization is going to face. Earthquakes, tornadoes, cyber-attacks – you never know what can strike and when which means having a preexisting and effective data backup plan in place can be the difference between getting back up and running or letting an unexpected mishap ruin your business.

Your Data is Valuable ?

Today?s business world is becoming completely digital – which means data is key. All it takes is five minutes of internet browsing to find thousands of articles on the importance of data and analytics, which means all that you collect directly translates to business dollars.

That means your data is valuable – and not having access to it can be just as detrimental as not having access to your finalized products. Data backups are a key step in protecting that data to ensure you have easy access whenever and wherever you need it.

Your Customers Will Thank You ?

The saying goes that the customer is always right – and a happy customer is a good customer. The problem is, if you?re not able to help your customers, they?re not going to be happy – and not having access to your critical data after a mishap can lead to a lot of disgruntled former happy customers.

When people become your customers, you?re entering an informal agreement – they can trust you to take care of your end of the business, and you can trust they?ll come back if they?re pleased. There?s nothing worse than being a loyal customer and realizing your vendor can?t deliver on their promises. Protecting the data you store for them, and to assist in the services you provide them, means regardless of what?s happening in the world around you, you?re able to keep their services going – and that?s going to keep them coming back.

It?s The Easiest Way to Stay On Track?

Listen, mistakes happen, attacks occur, and disasters are not preventable – which means accessing lost data isn?t an ?if? scenario but a ?when?.?

Having an effective data backup plan in place is the easiest way to keep your organization on track when difficult situations arise. Now comes the hard part – setting it all up.

Thankfully, there are people out there to help. At NENS, we have decades of experience in assisting clients with data backup and management, as well as the proper training to help staff avoid the human error mistakes that can lead to major data disasters.

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