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Your iPhone is likely your lifeline. Don?t let it slow you down. Below are some tips to speed it up.

1.??? Remove and Clean your Case (and Protectors)

Though a bit self-explanatory, letting ANY technology gadgets or device build up dirt on the surface and in its nooks can and will affect its performance. Not to mention it is not sanitary. Remove cases and screens and then use gadget friendly cleaners to wipe it away.

2.??? Regain Hard Drive Space

Though there are no hard stats, a general rule of thumb is to leave 500MB-1GB of space open on your iPhone to avoid crashes when it comes to app usage. If you check your storage and you are running close to your limit, investigate which apps are sucking up space by going to Settings>General>Usage. Here you will find a list of apps using up space.

Once you find the culprit apps, reassess if you need them. For many apps, if you uninstall and reinstall you will be able to delete the old files it has been archiving [similar to deleting the history or cookies on your browser]. Also, some camera apps save a backup of all photos and you can delete those pictures by going into the app. Just be sure you do have a backup at home.

3.??? Overhaul Your iPhone Settings

The Settings menu is your go to place to reduce the use of your battery. Battery life suckers include Push Notifications for email and apps (Settings>Mail, Contacts and Calendars or Individual Apps) as well as Location Services (Settings>Location Services) and Disable Ping (Settings>General>Restrictions>Ping).

You may need or want to have a few of your apps sending notifications, but that is why individual settings are important. You can eliminate the notifications from all your apps leaving only the few you choose.

4.??? Overhaul Your iTunes Settings

Take a look at your iTunes syncing settings. You may not need to continue syncing the podcasts you download in iTunes at the same time as your phone.

This also goes for calendars, email, contacts and the rest of the default apps. Uncheck any boxes that do not apply to you to help speed up the syncing process. If you don?t use them, there is no reason to sync it whenever you plug in your phone. This can be applied to things like Safari bookmarkers, contacts and mail also.

5.??? Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Think before you download ? Do you really want this app? Or give yourself a trial period for apps, so you don?t clutter your life with meaningless apps. Now is a great time to reduce the number of apps on your phone by taking a hard look at what you use regularly. Like other clutter in your life, after one year it?s time to reduce, reuse or recycle! Delete them by holding down one app until the X mark shows up on the upper left hand corner of the app, then press it and click thru the uninstall instructions.