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It?s a beautiful summer day; why not trade in your office for your backyard? Even if it?s cool enough to bring out your laptop, you might quickly realize that the sunlight that drew you out is also making your screen impossible to see. Squinting and arching your neck is far from the relaxing experience you are seeking. If you’d like to sit outside and take in nature sitting amidst the warm breeze as a productive yet calming environment, here are a few ways to improve your outdoor working experience:


  1. Get a matte screen for your laptop.?If you have a say in choosing your work laptop, look for ones with screens that have a matte finish. Those with a glossy finish might look nicer indoors, but they’ll reflect the sun quite a bit if you take them outside.
  2. Work in the shade. Not only will this help with overheating, but if you set up shop under a tree to umbrella, it will help visibility tenfold. If you’d rather keep your body in the sun, keep only the laptop in the shade, and wear a hat with a brim to keep the sun from shining right in your eyes.
  3. Hike up the brightness under your laptop under Settings.?Warning: this may require more consistent charging or shorter battery life, because screens take up most of your laptops energy. Extension cords can be helpful, but not on the beach so just beware of this concern.
  4. Consider either buying or making a ‘laptop hood’.?Though it can look a bit funny, this is white on the outside (to reduce heat buildup) and black on the inside (to reduce glare). You can find it online or at computer big box retailers like Best Buy.
  5. Wear a dark colored shirt; a simple solution to help! It will not reflect the sunlight onto the display.

Mac User Tip: On a Mac laptop try inverting the colors. It?s not great if you need to see particular colors, but for text reading it is much more comfortable. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut Control-Option-Command-8 to toggle the inversion.