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It is a common joke that here in New England, office spaces tend to be frigid in the summer due to over powerful air conditioners and many of us seek a warm up outside during the day. But very quickly you and your laptop heat up fast! While it?s true the sun can provide us with Vitamin D it does a number on your electronics. To keep your laptop safe and happy in warm weather, read on for a few tips we learned about working in the sun and humidity and storing your laptop inside warm cars.


1. Beware of the “safe temperatures?.
Most laptops are safe in temperatures of 50? to 95? Fahrenheit. Anything warmer than this is asking for trouble. Laptop batteries are typically?not?heat-friendly and the hard drive components are delicate and could expand, which can sometimes cause permanent damage and failure. Something as small as a few exposures can make your battery-life suffer.

2. Give you laptop the best chance to adjust.
Try not to walk and work with your laptop open from one climate to the next. If you are moving from the cool A/C to sweltering heat, or from outside to indoors, shutdown your laptop. Let it adjust to the new temperature before booting it up again. Condensation can build up inside your machine just like on your glasses. That?s not something you want!

3. Know how to keep your laptop safe in a hot car.
Your machine should be treated like a baby ? do not leave it in a warm car, not even in the trunk. The temps in your care are guaranteed to reach above safe temperatures. If you have no choice but to do leave it in your car, be sure it?s completely shut down.

4. Back it up.
Always a good idea, you should back up your data if you anticipate wanting to work outdoors. We’ll say it again: Heat can do permanent damage to your hard drive. Use an?external drive like this one.

5. Be prepared for summer storms.
In New England, one minute you are bathing by the sea and the next you are taking shelter, albeit temporarily, for a passing shower. Its one thing to get caught without an umbrella on your coffee run, but it’s quite another to have all of your expensive equipment with you. Bring an umbrella and keep your water-proof cases and sleeves?very nearby.

6. Protect your laptop with stands and wraps.
Think about how warm your laptop can get simply sitting on your couch, so be careful of where you set it outside. To help prevent damage, use a laptop pad or stand. But for a better solution, grab a self-cooling stand. Also, protect against sudden storms and help temper the effect of moving from cool to warm air by making sure your laptop cases and sleeves are rated for “moisture, shock and scratch protection.”