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Death – Taxes and Cyber Crime

As we were searching for articles to share this month ? cyber scams about tax fraud rose to the top of the list. It is staggering to realize that billions, YES BILLIONS of tax refunds are stolen each year.


Unfortunately, like death and taxes, identity theft is here to stay. Please be aware that cybercriminals are aggressively trying to get your confidential information by impersonating government tax-related email requests.

I recommend that whenever an email, text or other electronic request comes to you, triple-check every detail before you click on or respond to it. In fact, it is best to initiate the connection yourself ? that is, go directly to the website (not the email link) or call the company/institution directly.

We’ve compiled three of the top “tax scam” articles:

Scam of The Week: Realistic Phishing Attacks Take Advantage of U.S. Tax Season

IRS Consumer Alerts: Tax Scams

How To Get Your Money Back If Your Tax Refund Is Stolen

Keep safe,

Dan Adams, President, NENS

Arizona Beverages knocked offline by ransomware attack

Hacking a soft drink company? Don?t they have better targets? Think again – we all are in the net of cyber criminals.

Photo by Marijana Vasic on Unsplash

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Why is it so hard for us to pay attention to cybersecurity?

Over 75% of business leaders are citing that Cyber Security is a high priority but stating such is not enough. So many are not doing enough to really make a difference in their protection. The speed in which businesses are improving their security is not keeping up with cybercrime progress.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

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City of Albany Latest Local Government Hit With Ransomware

Attack Comes After Others That Targeted Counties

Albany City Hall – Photo: Craig Fildes via Flickr

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Office 365 phishing attacks: How hackers get access to your business

If you are on Microsoft’s O365 you are a key target. With so many businesses using O365 it will remain a big target. Cyber criminals are tying text messages and local-based phone numbers to lure you into believing that the requests are legit.

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Three lessons from the top cybersecurity threats of 2018

The pace of cybersecurity threats was unrelenting last year, as cyber criminals continuously introduced new attacks and tried new tactics for outsmarting potential victims.

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