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Man hiding under laptopThere?s no surprise like a network surprise: Avoiding security mishaps

Surprises in your network security are rarely the happy causes for celebration like the surprise birthdays of your childhood or the prize inside the cereal box. Network security surprises tend to be malicious, unwanted and dangerous. Everyday new reports are spread throughout the news of the latest big hack on a company or individual, all when they least expect it. It?s happening to everyone, everyday, across the globe.

So, when?s it going to happen to you?

No one can answer that question for sure, but excellent foresight and taking the right precautions and measures with your network security can at least give you a leg up on the malicious malware competition.

Always Be On the Lookout

When it comes to network security, you have to sleep with one eye open. Something as simple as a fishy email or lost password request can be the first step towards network security meltdown and the worst network surprise of all – the hack.

Hackers can enter systems remotely or physically through the devices themselves, and being vigilant of a potential surprise hack can be life saving in preventing it from expanding further into your network. Symptoms of hacked computers can vary depending on the hack, ranging from redirected internet searches to nearly overloading CPUs with unwanted programs. Or sometimes they make themselves a little more obvious.

Pinpoint Problem Areas

Preventing network security surprises should always start with identifying your system?s weakest link. This weakest link can range from an unprotected wifi source, to poorly created passwords, or errant USB drives with preloaded malware on them.

Training employees how to properly avoid these weak spots by protecting their passwords and devices is the first step in avoiding network surprises. A good hacker only needs one entry point into your network to cause chaos – it?s your job to make sure they can?t find one.

Have Backup at the Ready

Okay, so worst case scenario is your system has been compromised – what do you do now? Chances are you?ll wipe your system to remove any traces of malware, scan your system with anti virus software for any lasting malware and follow the usual post-hacking protocols, but depending on the size of your network and severity of the breach, that may not be enough.

Having a trusted IT partner like NENS can help you prevent and clean up after unwanted, surprise attacks. Professional IT consultants know the proper courses of action to take to keep your network secure, and your security practices up-to-date so you can spend less time worry about the latest security trends and more time working on your products. NENS technicians ?have the expertise you need to get things back online as soon as possible after an unwarranted surprise hits your network – if it even makes it that far to begin with.

Hackers aren?t going anyway anytime soon, which means unwanted network security surprises are here to stay. Take the proper precautions with your network by preparing for the worst and enacting proper prevention from day one with NENS.