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If you?re looking to improve customer service and the effectiveness of your employees, initializing live chat for your business may be a credible option you?ve heard of. Simply enough, live chat is a pop-up window that displays to your customers when they visit your site, prompting them to engage in questions or concerns with your product.


While it may not seem like a revolutionary idea in today?s tech-centered business world, live chat for your business can have some handy benefits when it comes to improving the relationships you build with your customers.


Why Should I Use Live Chat?


In the ?customer comes first? mindset of the 21st century, live chat is one of the most useful tools to ensure you?re putting your money where you mouth is. Live chat offers your customers the chance to instantly connect with your company – helping them solve their problems, answer questions about your services, or just get in touch.


In a market where news of bad customer service is twice as likely to reach prospective customers than praise of customer service, utilizing tools like live chat is more important than ever before in the battle for good customer relations. It?s the online equivalent of having staff welcome shoppers at the door, asking if they?d like assistance in finding anything – and could end up being one of the reasons they decide to stay with your service in the long haul.


The Components of A Successful Chat


When it comes to creating an effective live chat, timing is everything. Having a pop-up window display a name and greeting at the wrong time could make your website visitors assume the chat window is an ad, or coming up at inopportune times could aggravate the user and send them off the site. Understanding your website analytics will help you react to how your customers utilize and explore your website, and is vital for implementing effective live chat.


The person on the other end of the line, and how they react to the customer, is just as important. An unprofessional sales mentality will shine through live chat, just as it would in person. Ensuring that your live chat representatives are both knowledgeable on the subjects your customers will inquire about, as well as versed in effective sales practices, will get you the most for your dollar in the live chat world.


How Do I Implement Live Chat?
The most effective way to implement live chat into your existing website is to work alongside a trusted IT partner who specializes in live chat. Working with a trusted IT partner like NENs guarantees your live chat system will be up and running in no time, and will be well-maintained as customers start pouring into your site (and subsequent sales funnel).