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Are you handling your big data projects with care? This should be a priority for organizations of all sizes as data becomes an increasingly popular commodity among organizations. If your organization is riding the wave of big data but not yet making the most of it, it might be time to look into how you handle your big data projects.


Mountains of Data from All Different Sources


Chances are your organization is pulling in more data than it can handle from a myriad of sources. New technologies like the Internet of Things and smartphones offer unparalleled doorways into data collection, and commoditized usage of email has helped fuel the big data boom.


Most organizations are making use of some of the data, but that leaves plenty left over that’s unused. Being able to sift through and capitalize on all the data you receive the the toughest part of handling big data, but also the aspect that can provide your organization with some key insights.


Curating a Worthwhile Collection


Museums don’t hire just anybody to curate their exhibits, and big data should be no different. In order to make the most of the big data you’re collecting, you’re going to need to expand your business to include the professional expertise of data scientists.


Terabytes of data may not be worth any more than the hard drives of space they’re stored on if you don’t have the proper professionals to work with it. Employing experienced data scientists is the first step in making the most of the date you’ve collected. They’ll assist you in sorting and understanding data, which can reveal invaluable insights on your customers, competitors or even your own business, which you can bring to the C-suite for executive-level decision making going forward.


Risky Business


Data is becoming invaluable in the digital age, which nearly puts a price on the big data your organization is pulling in. The more data you have, the more at risk you are to lose it – and the larger the target you have on your back. With the desire for internet privacy and discretion on the rise, your collection of data means more than just insights to you – it’s insight on your customers they might not want floating around the internet as well.


Proper security of your big data is imperative, as customers won’t trust a vendor or partner who can’t manage to keep their cyber doors locked at night. Additionally, your competitive insight is only competitive so long as you’re the one people who have it – if it’s easily handed to competitors, your edge is gone, and now your data is worth less.


Partnerships for Big Data Success


To make the most of big data projects, you shouldn’t go at it alone. Whether it be for security, implementation of big data software, or just ensuring your methods of data retrieval are effective, working with a trusted IT partner like NENS is essential to big data project success.


At the end of the day, your data is only as valuable as the insights you can pull from it – which begins with IT ensuring that your data is secure and effectively collected from the very beginning of the project.