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Reduce IT challenges with a reliable IT support company in Boston

Our Reliable IT Support in Boston
Is Just a Phone Call Away

There’s no need to wait too long for IT issues to be resolved, as our support team answers the phone within 1.6 rings.

Here are the key reasons to choose NENS as your IT support company in Boston:

Keep your business running smoothly and maintain reliable and efficient technology with our customized IT support.

Maintain and improve your network by selecting from four tiers of IT support, suitable for businesses of any size.

Get personalized service from a dedicated account manager who understands your business requirements.

Accurately manage outcomes and performance with help from an engineering manager assigned to oversee your account.

Monitor help desk performance, NOC outcomes, and project efficiency with the assistance of our most experienced IT support experts.

Create a 6-quarter IT plan that aligns with your business initiatives.

Receive prompt onsite maintenance and patching from our technicians, who can address any specific IT needs across various business industries.

Enjoy consistent quality with guaranteed SLAs from our Boston-based IT support company.

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Clients That Choose Our Boston IT Support Company

Core Features of Customized IT Support in Boston Provided by NENS

Our Boston IT Support Company will:

  • Clean up your IT tickets
  • Support your team on all technology implementation
  • Deliver to you an efficient and easy IT management experience

Get guaranteed SLAs

Every support engagement is measured for results and performance.

Our SLA achievements for tech support recommendations prove that we provide the best Boston IT support.

But it’s not just about reaching an SLA target. As Boston’s leading tech support company, we strive for “Green Smiley – Happy Clients.”

Approximately 98.5% of our service requests result in happy clients.

Responsive Remote Computer Support

NENS offers 24/7/365 remote IT support from our expert technicians, to help you get same-day resolution of your support needs.

Requesting tech support in Boston is simple, via phone, email, or client portal. We respond and engage quickly so you can get the remote managed IT support you need fast..

Use our state-of-the-art helpdesk services to meet all of your needs so you can maintain business continuity.


Reliable Cloud Support

Has your business fully migrated to the cloud or is considering migrating to cloud-based services?

Allow our Boston-based IT support company to offer you easy, efficient, and flexible assistance, enhancing your business with reliable cloud services.

Our experienced support technicians will assist with your cloud migration efforts. We use a comprehensive, step-by-step process to ensure a seamless transition.

Field IT support

Get premier business IT support in Boston, anytime and anywhere.

From managed services and scheduled support visits to projects and assessments, our seasoned IT support specialists are here to help you.

We do not outsource our computer support in Boston. Our entire engineering team are full-time NENS employees and are locally based.

Our IT support company in Boston offers:

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Predictable outcomes with processes and structure
  • Reliable IT support in Boston that comes from guaranteed standards
  • Guaranteed, measured, and accountable SLAs
  • Strong business with low team member turnover
  • A stable, dependable, mature IT partner

IT support for small business owners and larger enterprises

24/7/365 Network Support

To keep your business systems performing well, they need to be properly set up and maintained.

As part of our IT support in Boston, our project, NOC, and engineering teams leverage industry best practices, standards, a proactive approach, and management tools.

This helps us to increase the reliability of these critical systems that support your business.

Our experienced support technicians will monitor your key network components 24/7/365. We look for trending problems, update security patches and hotfixes, and eliminate bottlenecks before they restrict your business.

Our IT security specialists focus on your network so you can return to your business-critical tasks.

Choose from the tiers of IT support

You choose the level of IT support you need, including Security Managed Care, Infrastructure Managed Care, Remote Managed Care, and Total Managed Care.

By utilizing these tried-and-true tech support solutions, our specialists help small and medium-sized businesses experience the highest level of customer care through our business IT support services in Boston.

Why Clients Choose NENS Among Other Boston IT Support Companies

"Needed help ASAP and you responded within minutes!"

CPA firm, C.D.

"Tech was new, and worked very creatively to fix our issue here at Chapman. He had a great attitude and made the issue an enjoyable resolution."

Manufacturing R.A.

"Excellent and speedy response time!"

Life Sciences / Biotech Company R.P.

"Reth was exceptional and saw the fix all the way to the end. Very confident in his ability to resolve the issue quickly from the moment we began to troubleshoot."

Insurance Industry, B.B.

"Awesome service! tech was on time and on it!"

Manufacturing R.C.

"The NENS team was so friendly and responsive. Took good care to be sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Much appreciate. Nancy O'Connor"

Insurance Industry N.O.

"Reth is so great! He's expedient, thorough, and always positive and update. He also makes sure that issues were resolved via follow-up messages. He should be acknowledged as an outstanding employee!"

Wealth Management A.T.

"The NENS team was dogged in their determination to identify the cause of the problem and resolve the issue!"

Healthcare M.C.

"Fixed my problem with good communication."

Professional Services D.F.

"Engineer was excellent. Learned about the prioritization process during this encounter."

Life Sciences / Biotech Company F.M.

"Fast. Ticket was completed in less than an hour. Thank you"

Property Management R.V.

"David was outstanding and took straightened out all of my computer issues very quickly."

Property Management J.P.

New England Network Solutions

Boston IT Support Company

399 Boylston St 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02116, United States

These Awards Validate The High-Quality Level of Our IT Support in Boston

Boston IT Support Services

Experience Sets Us Apart From Other Boston IT Support Companies

For over 30 years, our IT support company in Boston has helped numerous enterprises get better value from their business technology and resolve frustrations.

Get support for all of your team’s information technology needs with 24/7 computer support in Boston. With additional backup and disaster recovery initiatives, ensure that your business is prepared for any potential IT issues.

Our experience with business IT support helps us to resolve all issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, delivering fast and highly efficient Boston IT support.

We help businesses of all sizes. Whether you need IT support for small business or network services for your enterprise, we can create a solution that suits you.

FAQs Addressed to Our Boston IT Support Company

How does your managed IT support in Boston improve my business?

IT support is crucial for businesses looking to thrive in today’s economy.

With our four levels of managed IT support, we tailor solutions to your needs, allowing you to focus on business growth.

NENS ensures that computer support isn’t just reactive but proactive, aligning with your business objectives and driving efficiency.

How responsive is your Boston IT support?

Responsiveness is the backbone of effective tech support.

At NENS, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled response times. Imagine having access to a team that answers your call in just 1.6 rings.

Our commitment doesn’t end there. We consistently meet or exceed our SLA’s 96.4% of the time. With NENS, you’re assured of swift, efficient IT support in Boston whenever you need it.

How does your IT support company in Boston stay ahead of cyber threats?

When it comes to providing dependable IT support in Boston, cybersecurity is critical. We elevate our tech support by exceeding best practice cybersecurity standards.

Our comprehensive efforts include employee cybersecurity training, next-generation antivirus software, and 24/7 monitoring.

We do more than just resolve computer issues; we protect your business assets from evolving threats.

What's the advantage of having specialized industry expertise for your IT support services in Boston?

Specialized industry knowledge can be a game-changer. NENS offers tech support with unique expertise in Life Sciences, Biotech, and Financial Services sectors.

We comprehend the intricacies of these industries, understanding their scaling, security, and support necessities.

When you choose NENS, you’re not just getting computer support in Boston; you’re gaining a partner that understands the nuances of your industry.

How does your IT support in Boston align with my objectives?

Alignment with your vision is crucial for our managed IT support in Boston. NENS champions this with our six-quarter IT strategic roadmap.

We collaborate with your executive team, ensuring that tech support initiatives align seamlessly with your business’s goals.

Our dedicated account and technical managers oversee this alignment, ensuring that your IT support in Boston are always in sync with your aspirations.