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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Have you ever not been able to get into your systems and data when you needed to transact business? NENS provides proven solutions for successful business continuity and cloud disaster recovery. We work with you to meet the best Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for your business. We also provide a complete downtime analysis and a regular testing schedule for successful disaster recovery.

Strategy Planning and Budget Control

Is your IT full of surprises and hidden costs? As a business matures the tolerance for surprises reduces. Forecasts and budgets become a critical part of successful operations. NENS provides IT support that helps your business mature rather than hold you back.


Is a lack of system standard affecting your results? We can share the strategies of implementing uniform systems, standards, and support processes to improve your IT system user experience.


Are you at the point where you will benefit from clearly-written procedures? As your company scales, documented procedures are essential to your ability to measure results and implement improvements. Some companies have too many rules and it is almost impossible to get anything done. NENS understands the balance where benefits and efficiencies converge and provides this advantage to our clientele.

Compliance and Policy

Do you have compliance requirements you need to meet? Every company is responsible for how its resources and data are used and stored. All people that come in contact with data need to be educated on its proper usage. Systems need to be in place to measure and maintain targeted compliance needs. NENS can assist you in meeting your compliance goals.

Technology Lifecycle Management

Do you have surprise IT costs coming around the corner? A mature business knows what resource requirements it has at any given time. Technology is no exception. A clear IT plan, associated resources, and their realistic lifecycle allow leaders to plan for and leverage these assets to their fullest ability. NENS works with our clients to create a six-quarter plan to prepare for tomorrow’s requirements.

Help Desk

Need better support? A successful Help Desk is more than a person who answers a phone. You need tracking, escalation, technical tools, training, and management. NENS provides an effective help desk to enable your employees to quickly gain access to managed IT talent to return to productivity as quickly as possible.

Virtual CIO

Have you ever felt your IT expenditures are reactive, not strategic? Every business activity has a technical component to make it a reality. IT needs to be considered at every step in business growth. NENS works with you to creates a six-quarter plan that aligns with your business initiatives with technology. We make sure your IT resources are investments, not expenses.

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