More Than Just a Job

NENS continually strives to be a breath of fresh air in the workplace environment. If you haven’t already, check out our core values in our About Us section. Our focus is to feel more like a family environment.

    We embrace six core values here at NENS:

  1. I am here to help you
  2. You can count on me to do what is right and whatever it takes
  3. I take responsibility for your success
  4. I am humble and strong in facing the truth
  5. I continually improve my knowledge and skills
  6. I promote a fun and enjoyable workplace

We celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and our goal is to not only achieve a great work, life balance, but also provide opportunities for our team members to grow personally and professionally every day.

If you are interested in being part of something bigger than you with vision and growth, you will fit right in!

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