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growth opportunities for you

We prefer to promote from within.

We are looking for new leaders, managers, engineers (Level 1-3), and strategic account managers to fulfill our vision.

Wanted: Effective people that need to help others and need to learn and grow.

    quality of life

    Paid Medical Benefits

    Wellness and Dental

    Short-term/Long-term Disability

    Bonus structure

    401K Match

    Not always on call! SLEEP!


    Quarterly Team outings
    Family activities
    Team vs. Team challenges
    (Executive leadership cooks breakfast for the crew!)

      our values and culture

      We live by:

      Deliver and Improve The NENS Way
      Create a Fun and Enjoyable Workplace
      Be Positive, Constructive and Helpful
      Finish the Job
      Be Responsible and Accountable
      Pursue Growth and Learning
      Be Humble

      moving your career forward

      Growth opportunities
      Organized training program
      Annual and quarterly goals and initiatives
      Monthly 1 – 1 goal and training meeting with your manager
      Annual performance reviews
      Customized onboarding plan
      Life long learning

      Why I Love Working at NENS

      “I’ve been through a number of changes from locations, polices, procedures, responsibilities, etc which comes with being here for nearly 10 years. With that being said, there has still been that consistency of doing what’s right for the customer, just now it’s done much more efficiently!

      If I were to explain NENS culture I would say there is a sense of comradery in that everyone is willing to pitch in and help during those times of need. We don’t run into the classic job security person who doesn’t want to share their knowledge.”

      John F.

      How Does NENS compare with other places you have worked?

      “It is hard to compare. The culture, the comradery, the willingness of everyone to step up and help is second to none. Knowing that you have an internal support network for all work and nonwork-related issues is reassuring.”


      What I like about NENS culture...

      “I started as a temporary employee and was interviewing while I was here. At the end of the first month, I was offered a job with a company 5 minutes from my home. I chose not to take the position there mainly due to the people that I enjoyed working with here.”


      What interested you in NENS?

      I was looking for a top 10 place to work in the area. NENS showed up in web searches with that criteria. I monitored NENS for another 10 months. I clicked on links on the site. I tested to see if a live actual person would answer the chat onsite, and if that person was actually in the US and worked for NENS. NENS was also local and not too big, but growing and opportunities likely to grow as well. I enjoyed the video and spirit of the website. Seemed like a no BS place.”

      Sean B

      On helping others succeed...

      “What I enjoy most is having people grow their skills and knowledge and being able to apply that to real client situations. The best part is the engineer becomes more self-sufficient and confident.”


      How does NENS compare to other places you have worked?

      “The atmosphere is amazing. The culture is fun. Its a good group of people, a relaxed yet productive environment and there is a community feeling thats very welcoming.”


      My first impression of NENS was...

      “I fell in love day 1 everyone is here to help you succeed. The dynamics, the people, it’s warm and welcoming. I didn’t feel like the new person that everyone was watching. I felt like I had been here for a while. I felt like the training was catered to me. It’s a caring environment and feels family oriented.”


      I knew NENS was the right place for me when...

      “I thought I couldn’t survive here when I compared my experience and skills with other engineers because I was a recent grad. People really helped me out in every situation and explained things, which I think is more important for a person like me.”


      My first impression of NENS was...

      “Am I actually getting paid to work with this awesome group of people, and let my nerd-flag fly.”


      What I love about the NENS culture...

      “Learning about the culture in the office and hearing from current employees on how it is the best job they’ve ever had, made me want to work for NENS even though I wasn’t actively looking for a new position.”


      What I like about the NENS social activities...

      “I’ve participated in multiple company sponsored events in the past year. All have been fun and unique.The best part is that NENS tries to find a way to accommodate diverse interests, so whether that means an evening of Escape the Room team building or zip lining through the mountains in New Hampshire, there are always interesting options!”

      Tom L.

      I knew NENS was the right place for me when...

      “The culture it’s an environment where you love coming to work. Everyone feels respected and valued.”


      What I like about NENS social activities...

      “NENSgiving and other events were awesome. I’m counting down the days until the next anything NENS events. I also like the Peanut Butter pretzels.”


      I knew NENS was the right place for me when...

      “I walked into the lunch room and there is a huge group of people sitting together, various departments and levels, all laughing and enjoying downtime together.”


      What I like about NENS culture...

      “Welcoming, high expectations without the pressure. Even when there is a mistake it’s dealt with in a non-judgmental way.”