What your business needs to know about the latest major cyberattack

After the recent WannaCry attack across the UK NHS and other global organizations, a lot of small businesses are wondering what they need to know about the latest cyberattack to protect their interests. Cyberattacks aren’t a new trend, but ransomware may be a new


Outsourcing security: Choosing and trusting managed security services

The days of having your entire IT needs done in-house may be over, replaced in part by businesses choosing and trusting managed security services to handle their cyber threats.   The idea of “handing over the keys” to a stranger to be responsible can be st


How to choose a managed IT provider

When it comes time to choose a managed IT provider, the options available today are almost overwhelming. With an increasing need for IT becoming a driver for business success, more and more companies are looking towards managed IT providers to offer them affordable


Is your business braced for a NHS-level cyber attack?

Is your business braced for a NHS-level cyber attack like the recent breach that spanned computers across the globe? There’s a good chance you’re more open to attack than you think.   Massive cyber attacks like the recent NHS attack are a new level of dang


How vulnerable is your organization for a DDoS attack?

DDoS attacks are back in the news, and your organization could be vulnerable to a variety of DDoS attacks from hackers across the globe. Avoiding DDoS attacks requires more than a simple firewall or antivirus program, and not being prepared could be devastating to


3 Benefits of Outsourcing IT – and 3 Risks

In the digital age, organizations of all sizes are trying to improve their technology without bankrupting the company, which means many executives are trying to understand the benefits and risks of outsourcing IT. Like with most advancements, there are challenges t

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