IT Disaster Recovery Plan: The Backup System You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you’re a small business, with an even smaller IT department, chances are a disaster recovery plan is the backup system you never knew you needed.   In the technology-centric digital age, backup systems are pretty much no-brainers – but singular back


The Benefits of Live Chat for Your Business

If you’re looking to improve customer service and the effectiveness of your employees, initializing live chat for your business may be a credible option you’ve heard of. Simply enough, live chat is a pop-up window that displays to your customers when they visit


Cybercrime has created a $120B cybersecurity market

Cybercrime, or the acts of committing illegal activities across the internet, has fueled growth in cybersecurity, creating a $120B cybersecurity market.   The is cybersecurity market, which has grown 35x since 2007 from $3.5B, is directly correlated with the i


Big data projects need care

Are you handling your big data projects with care? This should be a priority for organizations of all sizes as data becomes an increasingly popular commodity among organizations. If your organization is riding the wave of big data but not yet making the most of it,


5 Key Help Desk Metrics Executives Should Know

The IT help desk may seem a world away from the executive spotlight, but that doesn’t mean management should be oblivious to it’s effectiveness – namely in the 5 key help desk metrics executives should know about.   Money wasted on inefficient proces


Back from the cyber-grave: Return of the SQL Slammer

Recent news reports have unearthed an interesting comeback story in the tech world – back from the cyber-grave it was left in over a decade ago, the SQL Slammer returns. The SQL Slammer, also know as the Sapphire Worm and Helkern, first came to light 14 years

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