How Much Data Does Your Organization Share Without Consent?

How Much Data Does Your Organization Share Without Consent? Do you know how much personal data your organization and employees have shared across the web? The answer to that is likely “no,” because for many, there is no clear way to understand just how much we


It’s Tax Season, And That’s a Great Thing for Hackers

Tax Day 2018 is right around the corner – and this year, landing on the 17th, two days later than the usual deadline thanks to a holiday in Washington D.C. For many business leaders, tax season is hectic – it’s a time where the constant worry of audit


What Does the Latest Major Retail Hack Mean for Your Cybersecurity?

The spring season is off to a stressful start for cybersecurity experts in the retail world. Earlier this month the Wall Street Journal reported that a breach of two major department stores, Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, were the victims of a massive att


Here’s What Transport Layer Security 1.3 Means for Your Online Business

                    Unless you’re privy to the goings-on of the cybersecurity world, chances are the latest security patches across the web don’t necessarily make headlines in your newsfeed. However, the latest


3 Reasons to Backup on World Backup Day

In case you didn’t know, March 31st is World Backup Day – which means if you haven’t already put data backups in place, it’s a great time to start. For some folks, every day is World Backup Day – but for those of us not always on top of our data b


Are Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Best Practices the Best?

Having backups of your data ready, and disaster recovery programs in place, are pretty much no-brainers for modern business professionals. However, regardless of how much time and money you’ve spent setting up these processes, if you’re not practicing plausible


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