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When it comes time to choose a managed IT provider, the options available today are almost overwhelming. With an increasing need for IT becoming a driver for business success, more and more companies are looking towards managed IT providers to offer them affordable and up-to-date IT solutions – which means smart IT professionals are offering increased services across the globe.


Choosing a good managed IT provider can save you money and increase your technological presence. However, deciding on a bad IT provider however could end up costing your company more than just a high IT budget. Knowing what characteristics to look for in a professional and trustworthy managed IT provider is the first step in a successful partnership.


Like you, they?re forward-thinking


Many organizations look towards managed IT providers simply to cut costs in IT. While this is a major benefit for many organizations that no longer wish or are unable to afford to employ a full IT staff, working with a successful managed IT provider can offer your organization so much more than simply running servers for your business.


In the digital age, business is moving at the speed of IT, and falling behind in tech can very likely mean falling behind your competition. Working alongside a managed IT provider means you?re hiring a team of technical experts to run your technology – and trusting that they?ll keep up with the latest technology and trends. Asking a potential managed IT provider about their past, current and upcoming technological upgrades and steps toward digital transformation can help you weed out the cutting-edge IT service providers from yesterday?s digital wannabes.


They know their stuff


When you?re looking to hire a managed IT provider, chances are it?s because you don?t have the wealth of IT expertise within your organization to grow at the speed you desire. Hiring a lame managed service provider ?may be just as bad as having no IT team altogether if they don?t know how to properly use and manage technology and prepare for evolving cybersecurity risks.


Finding a managed IT provider that you know is professional can be tough, but not impossible for a smart business executive willing to do their research. Successful managed IT providers will have happy clients who are willing to sing their praise, and will be up-to-date on any certifications or technological maintenance needed to keep your business running. Asking to read testimonials, or even doing some research on the company on your own, will go a long way in finding the perfect fit for your managed IT necessities.


They care about your business


Perhaps the most important aspect to look for in a managed IT provider partnership is a passion for your business. Second-rate managed IT providers may be able to get tasks completed, but could lack the drive and interest to ensure your IT needs are met and exceeded to improve the success of your business. A first-rate IT provider will do this and more to ensure your organization is working at its utmost potential.


One of the best ways to ensure you?re working with a trusted IT partner is to align with an organization involved in your local community. At NENs we look after the IT requirements of numerous Boston-area businesses, and our proximity and passion for the work of our partners means we?re working towards ensuring their success every day.