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If you’re running a small business or startup, you might be looking for that game changer to make your e-commerce a step above your competitors. While a good website and excellent products are two necessary backbones of successful e-comm in the digital age, cloud computing may be your missing component to make your business excel.


Cost-savings abound


For a small business, there’s no way around it—in most cases, cloud computing options are cheaper than on-site premises. And unless you’re a major company with a massive IT infrastructure, cloud services should be able to do pretty much anything an on-site system would, except without the expense of having a full team to man it.


Saving money is important for small and new businesses, which means when it comes time to get your ecommerce up and running you’re racing against the clock and the bank.


Faster up-time


If you are a smaller business with the cash and you’re dead-set on having your data solutions in-house, there is another aspect to consider: time.


According to an article on MIT Technology Review, a data center can take up to a year to build. While some larger companies may be able to buy some time buy some time by existing using infrastructure while they build an ecommerce-specific data center, a small business doesn’t have that luxury.


When you start a small business, you only have a 20% chance of surviving past your first year, and even fewer make it past the five and ten year marks. Getting up-to-speed on your ecommerce, which will likely be a solid—if not majority—chunk of your revenue is not something you can do with leisure. Being up-to-speed and ready-to-go with your ecommerce could be the defining factor in your new business—or the edge you need to really succeed in your SMB.


It’s out of your hair


If you’re running a small business or startup, you realize just how many things can go wrong in a given day. Ensuring the IT backend of your ecommerce is stable is one of the things you’re not going to want to worry about on the limited budget of a startup or SMB.


When you choose to use cloud IT services for your ecommerce, you’re choosing to work with a partner who will take care of the technical end for you. Working with a local partner is the best way to ensure your ecommerce is placed in the best hands—so you can worry about every other aspect of the business.