How Cloud Storage Can Save Your Business Money and Time


Maximizing Savings and Efficiency: The Strategic Advantages of Cloud Storage for Businesses

By transitioning to cloud-based storage, businesses can spend less time and resources on security and more on other ventures.

Cloud-based storage is a technological revolution for businesses, providing companies with a way to remotely maintain, manage, and store data. As data management is more critical than ever before, small, medium and large companies adopting cloud computing will only continue to rise. How exactly can cloud-based storage benefit your business?


Cloud Storage Cuts Traditional Data-Storage Costs

Maintaining, securing and analyzing large quantities of data will certainly take a chunk out of any business. budget. By switching to cloud storage, businesses can capitalize on cloud storage services. low three cents per gigabyte of storage, thus reducing their annual operating costs. Although most business owners view moving their data to the cloud as a daunting task, other cost savings should be considered as well, such as reduced internal power and reduced cyber security expenses.


Cloud Storage Offers Disaster Recovery

By utilizing cloud storage, businesses have an emergency backup in case of an unforeseen accident. Since the company’s files are stored in a remote location and can only be accessed online, the files avoid the dangers of physical-based storage, such as natural disasters or other outside interference.


Newfound Time and Money With Cloud Storage

Cloud storage transition can provide financial benefits and open more free time, both of which a business can invest back into itself. According to a Rackspace study, 88% of cloud users experienced cost savings and 56% of cloud users received an increase in profit. By having cloud storage services complete formidable tasks such as data analysis and data integration, businesses now have the time to focus their efforts in other areas.

Between the boast of profitability and the reduced responsibility, businesses can apply the newfound time and money to new programs, ventures, and technology. Contact NENS to learn how cloud storage can save your business time and money.