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Cloud applications are all the rage these days. What initially gained fame from Amazon Web Service?s storage has grown in an endless offering of cloud-based applications for personal and enterprise use alike, connecting people easier than ever before.

But with all these apps on the cloud, there’s a lot of data floating around. So how are you going to protect that data in the event of a catastrophic event?

If the data is already lost it?s too late – data backups can only be effective if they?re properly planned ahead of time – which means if you?re not sure how your cloud application data backups work, it?s time to make a game plan.

Understand Your Backups

Traditional backup strategies may not cut it in this cloud-based system, and while some applications do have built-in backups, it might not be as robust as you’d like. There?s no situation worse than a loss of data and thinking you have a backup in place – but quickly realizing you, in fact, do not.

The first step is understanding the backup needs of your business, and knowing whether you need backup or archive systems for your data.

Although they may seem similar at face value, backups and archives are two very different processes that both have a place in a successful data protection program. It?s not a matter of either-or, but a combination of the two in a successful data protection program that will effectively keep your data secure and accessible throughout any disaster.

Understand Cloud Applications Shortcomings – And Make Other Plans

Once you’ve pinpointed the exact needs of your business, it’s time to research the applications you use and their backup offerings they may or may not provide. Is the system enough for your needs? Is space limited or will you have unlimited storage? Are there any other offerings the service provides you might be able to use?

For most cloud applications like Office 365 or Google Docs, backups and saves will happen automatically – but they might not be as robust as you?d like.

Not all cloud applications are created equal, which means knowing the offerings of a service before you rely on it for your work and data needs is a critical step before choosing a service.

Find a Local Partner You Trust

So you’ve got an idea of your backup needs and the systems you may need to put in place – now it’s time to get to work on installing and managing those systems to keep your organization in check.

Creating a backup program isn’t impossible on your own, but if you’re a small or medium sized business with a limited IT team it may be taxing for your employees. Plus, when it comes to data you want to rest easy every night knowing it’s in good hands – which is why most business leaders choose to work with a local managed IT services.

Our team or expert staff is ready to take on the data backup needs of your business – and their 24/7 nonstop support means your data is always our priority. From setting up the backup and archive systems to troubleshooting any issues that might arise later on, having an IT consultancy prioritize your data is the only way to effectively ensure your data is secure every hour of every day.

Give us a call today to learn more about our offerings and how our data backup services can take a major stress off the plate of your IT team.