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It?s 2018, and we?re inundated with technology in every way. From smartphones in our pockets, wearables on our bodies, and computer screens right in front of our eyes, technology has permeated the business and personal environment completely. And while most people in the business world are generally computer literate, more and more companies are looking to outsource their IT needs to third party firms.

But if everyone is comfortable using technology, why are so many companies looking to outsource their IT responsibilities?

There?s a Major Skills Gap

Chances are if you?re reading this, you?re reading this on a computer ? which means you?re at least basically computer literate. However, being an expert with computers and new technology ? meaning you can personally handle the IT problems that would plague most companies ? is a status left to an elite few.

Most people can turn on their computers and perform the basic functions of their jobs, like check email, use word processing applications, and surf the web. But with the wide skills gap of STEM-related fields in the US, fewer people are learning the in-depth computing functions that further technological development. This means that when you want to implement new technologies or innovations into your IT spectrum, the only option is to hire outside help since most of your workforce isn?t trained to work on the nitty gritty technological details you need accomplished and your IT team may be overextended already.

It?s Cheaper to Outsource

Outsourcing originally became popular for one reason alone ? bottom dollar savings. And for many companies, that?s still the case.

When an organization chooses to outsource their IT or certain IT functions, it allows them to pick-and-choose what services they need and cut costs dramatically while ensuring vital systems are accounted for. While hiring an in-house team of IT experts may seem like the first-choice scenario, the organization will need to pay their wages of the entire staff and are limited by the experience of the IT staff on the payroll.

Outsourcing IT allows organizations to save money but just paying for what they need ? and not needing to keep an entire team on a payroll just for a handful of services to keep your business technologically competitive.

New Technology Means Faster Innovations

One of the major benefits of outsourced IT is the direct line of communication you get to a team of IT experts whose sole job it is to remain on the forefront of innovation.

You?ve probably heard buzzwords like AI, IoT and 5G floating around the web ? but do you know how that will affect your business? And once the technologies become mainstream, do you know how you?ll implement them in your workforce?

When you outsource your IT needs, it means you?re hiring a dedicated team of professionals who will be monitoring your IT services 24/7 and ready to assist you in the latest software update or technological advance. You?ll feel comfortable knowing your systems are secure, and that you have expert eyes looking out for your organization?s competitive technological edge.

Working with an IT consultant like NENs means you can have the latest technology ready for your team to use without supporting the payroll of a dedicated team of IT whiz kids. ?Give us a call today and see what we can bring to your business in 2018 and beyond.