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iPhones and iPads come with lots of accessibility options that can make using them a lot easier for people with impairments. But that isn?t the only purpose for these options. Apple also provides Guided Access as a way to lock down your device for use by children or even to create a mode for guest users that should not gain full access to your phone.


The iPhone and iPad come native with lots of?accessibility options?that can make using them a lot easier for people with impairments. That isn’t the only reason Apple gives many accessibility options though. Guided Access is a perfect example of how you can lock down an iPhone or iPad for use by children or even to create a guest user mode?so others using your devices can’t access things you don’t want them to.

In order to enable Guided Access, go to Settings from the Home Screen and tap on General. Scroll down towards the bottom of the screen and tap on Accessibility. Next, under the Learning section tap on Guided Access. If it?s not already, turn the toggle next to Guided Access to ON. You are now able to utilize Guided Access! See below for visual explanation.

You can also set up a Passcode to ending Guided Access in this screen ? which we recommend. That way if the child or whoever is using it learns to triple click the home button they still cannot retrieve full access to the App.

Now what? In order to make use of the Guided Access option, enter the app you would like someone to be locked into and?triple click the Home button. Once it comes up it will ask you to circle the areas of the phone you would like to disable or ?lock?. A good example of where you might use this is if you are allowing your child to watch a video clip on your phone and you do not want them to click on other videos or start/stop the current one. Simply use your forefinger to encircle everything you would like to be disabled and click ?Start?.

If you have multiple shortcuts set up for triple clicking the Home button, you’ll be given the option to choose between them. Just tap on?Guided Access.

To stop Guided Access, simply triple click the Home button again and if you set it up, it will ask you for the Passcode (4 digit) and then allow you to choose ?End? in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You will now be out of Guided Access mode.

Hopefully this might work as a great way to entertain young children so you can be productive working from home or have a quiet car ride.