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Make Sure It’s Legit Before You Click

All of us are susceptible to being “tricked” into opening an email that appears to be legit. I would like to share a graph that shows what the top email subjects that tend to fool us are. The most effective misleading hook uses LinkedIn. It is successful because it prays on the desire we all have to be recognized and appreciated.

Turns out if you receive “an email” telling you that your profile views are going up, or you have new endorsements lauding your accomplishments or people wanting to connect to you it is a small ego boost. It is in that brief moment of elation that it is easy to drop your guard.

I encourage you to take a quick look and help remind your employees/peers/family that we need to remain vigilant at all times. Even when we are distracted with praise. Make sure it is legit before you click.

Dan Adams, President, NENS

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