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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2019

In May we have BCAW ? or Business Continuity Awareness Week for the normal non-nerds in society.

As business continuity often means many things to different people let me share one of the best definitions I have found. Business continuity can be defined as?‘the processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensure that an organization can continue to function through an operational interruption’.

The common source of ?operational interruptions? used to be natural disasters, power outages, and system failures as the top culprits. It was easy as a leader to think that you might never experience one of those so why act? But now cybercrime dwarfs those threats and you are a target. There has been a shift from ?if? to ?when?.

In this month we share that phishing attacks are getting smarter, what differentiates a company that has stronger cybersecurity that the rest, and how cybercrime could drastically cripple the economy via small business.

Please take some time to review all the digital assets you are responsible for so ?when? you are encrypted, hacked and or breached your livelihood is not in the cold hands of a cybertheft. Prepare now.

I wish you the best,

Dan Adams, President, NENS?

What differentiates the strongest cybersecurity programs from the rest

You need to be actively engaged in this battle to survive ? In short:

1. your executives and owners need to lead this priority.

2. Cybersecurity is not just your “IT guy’s” issue. It needs to be conscious in everyone’s mind.

3. Business strategy needs to include cybersecurity ? not be an afterthought.

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Ransomware Attacks Enjoying a Spring Renaissance

They are getting smarter and more effective.

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Why Small Business Cyberattacks Could Prompt Next Recession

A recent Ponemon study found that nearly 70% of all small businesses experienced a cyber attack in 2017, while half admitted to having no understanding of how to protect their company against an attack.

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Charles River Labs Hit by Hackers, Some Client Data Compromised

The company disclosed the data breach in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday. The hacking occurred in March and the company said the data of about 1 percent of its total number of clients was compromised.

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Unprotected Database Exposes Personal Info of 80 Million American Households

A team of security researchers has claims to have found a publicly-accessible database that exposes information on more than 80 million U.S. households?nearly 65 percent of the total number of American households.

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