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Now is a great time to update your cyber security system.


As we rely more on technology to handle even the most basic core functions of our work, the risk for that technology to be used against us increases. Small business owners today no longer need to worry only about the crimes that occur onsite at their locations but on their networks from perpetrators thousands of miles away.

Organizations that don?t take the cyber threat seriously are putting themselves in danger. If local thieves found a way to easily bypass your security, you?d install new security, right? If you have an outdated cybersecurity program ? or especially none at all ? then you?re putting your organization in that exact same risky situation – except you may be powerless to stop an attack when it occurs.

Today, an outdated cybersecurity program is almost as good as no program at all. The threat is real, and it?s almost undetectable ? until it?s too late.

Your Chance of Being Hacked Is Higher Than Ever Before

Cybercrime is on the rise, and that?s not likely to stop anytime soon. In 2018, worldwide cybercrime cost businesses an estimated $600B, with cybercrime being the second-most reported crime across the globe.

And the attacks aren?t cheap ? for the victims that is. The average attack costs organizations close to $5 million, due to?IT downtime as issues render their systems useless. The truth is, many cyber-attacks never require ransoms or new hardware ? their stalling of your systems alone is what costs your organization money. And with these attacks becoming easier to learn and master, they are?growing in popularity at an alarming rate.

This is easy money for cybercriminals. As it grows in popularity, the pool of professionals who can implement these hacks grows too ? and no hacker is going to turn away easy money.

Hackers Don?t Just Target Big Names Anymore

The days of major network breaches only affecting major Fortune 500 companies are over. Sure, attacks like the Sony hack in 2014 will always be known in history as major cyber breaches that affected large organizations, but today cyber-attacks focus on any and all organizations regardless of size or political affiliation.

In fact, 63% of data breaches affect small businesses, and the risk is all that much higher for SMBs. Major organizations have millions of dollars they can funnel into repairing networks and customer experiences – small businesses can be brought to their knees after an attack, effectively putting them out of business.

In short, if your organization is connected to the internet, you have a risk of being hacked?and your cybersecurity needs to be ready to match the next threat coming down the pipeline.

Talk Is Cheap ? Cyber Attacks Are Cheaper

If you think cyber attacks need to be spearheaded by well-paid professionals costing thousands of dollars for their efforts, you?re sadly mistaken. Currently, the average DDOS attack can be contracted off the dark web for about $10 an hour, meaning bringing your organization to its cyber-knees can be cheaper than a night at the movies.

All hope is not lost. While cyber-attacks may be cheaper than ever, good cybersecurity is also more accessible than many business leaders realize. However, just having an antivirus program running in the background and hiding behind your Windows Defender firewall won?t cut it with the latest types of attacks.

For the ultimate security and return on investment, most organizations partner with a local IT consultant to handle their cybersecurity needs. At NENS we have years of experience handling every kind of cyberattack, from old-school trojans viruses to the latest DDoS attacks. Give us a call today to learn about how we can help keep your organization safe and secure from the cyber criminals hiding in the digital shadows.