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Boston Cyber Security Services Company

NENS sets the cybersecurity standards for Life Sciences and professional services companies in Boston with  multi-layered next-gen security solutions, and clear proven standards and policies

Enjoy peace of mind and confidence, knowing that your business is protected and secured by a Boston IT services and cybersecurity company with over 25 years of experience.

Why work with NENS for IT cybersecurity services in Boston?

Tested Multi-layered security solutions to protect your business.

Security operations center delivering comprehensive managed 24/7 monitoring, detection and response.

Dedicated strategic account and technical management – focused on your success.
Guaranteed SLA performance.

NENS manages the protection of your business – boosting your confidence in your IT, while giving you full control over assets and spending.

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Boston Cybersecurity Company

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Of the Cybersecurity Companies in Boston, NENS Delivers Higher Levels of Security

Backup & Business Continuity

Trust your data to Boston IT services firm NENS for network backup & business continuity.

Services include cloud, virtual, and physical backup and protection solutions. NENS works to enable business continuity through evolving conditions and adapt recovery systems and strategies that meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives.

IT usage policies to protect business

A business is liable for how its employees use its technology. Businesses must implement clear IT usage policies and educate staff about the appropriate usage of digital assets. 

Boston cybersecurity clients benefit from NENS’s 19 core IT usage policies that set acceptable usage standards, offer businesses a clear platform to guide employees, and protect businesses from negligence-based liability.

Multi-layered cybersecurity strategy

It is not realistic to have one line of defense and expect great results. Many layers are required to effectively protect your assets. 

NENS multi-layered strategies cover IT solutions from users to systems, from cloud to premise, providing greater security and peace of mind.

Exceeds standard practices of other Boston IT Service companies 

NENS is dedicated to delivering best-in-class technology results.  We have the structure, processes, KPIs, SLAs, and culture to back it up. 

More than IT support services

Not only does NENS focus on your IT support needs, we help our clients benefit from better IT management – which facilitates better ROI, closes security gaps, and maintains the efficiency of your systems. 

We engage your leaders and work together to bring the benefits of systems standards, procedures, planning and documentation.

6-Quarter IT Strategic Road Map

To improve performance, security, and reduce financial surprises, our strategic account management team works with you to create an IT plan for your executive team, providing vision and alignment for your business with the help of our 6-quarter strategic IT Plan.

Predictable and controlled IT security costs

As you business matures, the need to have and adhere to forecasts and budgets becomes imperative. 

NENS incorporates its 25+ years of experience to listen to your business needs and objectives and create a detailed IT plan and budget.  No more big cost and performance surprises and it is backed up by a SLA. 

Dedicated Team of Resources

NENS assigns a team of people and resources to you – not just an engineer.

By combining strategic account management, engineering management, service desk, tools and an experienced technology committee, we work to prepare your organization from all angles – ensuring increased security, efficiency, and ROI.

On top of all that, to ensure ultimate accountability, you’ll have direct access to the full executive leadership team at NENS.

Our Technology Committee knows what works

To meet the demands of an always-changing IT landscape, NENS’ Technology Committee reviews, evaluates, tests, and implements the latest cybersecurity technology for businesses in the Greater Boston area. We know what cybersecurity solutions will fit your business structure.


“Green Smiley Happy” customer rating on support request


Years experience providing cybersecurity in Boston


Cybersecurity monitoring, detect and response solutions

NENS Boston cybersecurity company is your first line of defense

Our unique multilayered security strategy protects owners, executives, and staff from data breaches and negligence-based threats.

Some of the Boston cyber security services that NENS offers to your organization include: 

  • Cyber SOC services
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Real-time 24/7 Network security monitoring
  • Next-Gen AI and heuristic software, which covers zero-day exploits
  • System patching and updates to keep OS security current
  • Cloud security solutions
  • DNS control to prevent site hijacking and command and control threats
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions
  • Data protection and Business continuity
  • IT Usage security policies
  • Next-gen cyber perimeter protection
  • Cybersecurity user education
  • Business Email protection

Dealing With Cyber Threats Takes Time You Don’t Have.

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NENS Security Risk Assessment

Get visibility and transparency into the current state of your cybersecurity related risks and exposures. Your leadership team can leverage this knowledge to guide actions that will effectively mitigate risk, improve security, and educate your staff on how to protect your business.

Let NENS secure your computer network and data

Worrying about and dealing with cyber-attacks and system vulnerabilities takes valuable time away from growing your business.

Leave the security worries to the security specialists at NENS – a company with 25+ years of experience delivering the best cybersecurity solutions in Boston.

Get the cybersecurity to help your Boston based business needs to succeed