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Boston cyber security Services

Cyber security is the next great battlefield

?Where are you exposed?

NENS strategy covers the 8 core components
of your business technology

next gen anti-virus

Next Gen Anti-Virus solution that leverages AI and heuristic technologies to catch over 99% of previously undetected/registered malware is blocked increasing protection 231% over the average AV suite.

internet filtration & dns control

DNS control that does not slow down performance and catches command and control and web redirections.

email security

Email filtration, failover, archiving, encryption, and data loss prevention to protect your business correspondence.

next gen firewall

Next gen firewall provides intrusion detection and prevention that ties into and protects your wireless network.

user cyber security training

9 out of 10 breaches are caused by human mistake. We have a regular user training solution to reduce your risk by educating your employees yielding a 90% improvement to your security.

mobile device management

All smart devices that employees use to access your network resources are liabilities. We provide solutions to give you control to wipe the business components from those devices.

password manager

It is hard to remember a strong secure password and impossible to remember the dozens of passwords each person has. If it is not easy, people will not do it. We have simple to use tools to increase your security and compliance to your password policies.

mfa – multi-factor authentication

A single password leaves you very vulnerable to one breach opening access to your world. Multi-factor solutions increase your protection exponentially.

sso single sign-on

The number of resources and applications we have access to often limits our ability to manage and control them. SSO provides an effective platform to secure, standardize, manage, and administer the large pool of resources you need to transact business.

data encryption

When equipment leaves your premises, your risk increases. A lost laptop becomes a potential vulnerability to not only the data on the laptop but access to your network resources. Data encryption mitigates that risk of undesired access should the system fall into unfriendly hands.

security policy

Companies are liable for how your staff uses your systems and data. Clear policies help users and protect you. We have a suite of 17 core policies that every business needs to mitigate risk.

cyber soc

SIEM and SOC services to aid in your compliance and security needs yielding real-time security monitoring across your network providing managed detection and response.

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