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NENS Sets The Standard for Cybersecurity Companies in Boston

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is protected and secured by a Boston cybersecurity company with over 30 years of experience.

Why choose NENS for your managed IT security services?

Protect your business with tested multi-layered security solutions.

All-inclusive security solutions including Employee awareness training, Next Generation anti virus, and MFA SSO.

 Annual risk assessments to ensure full coverage.

Cyber Security Consulting.

Technology vendor coordination.

Get proven standards and results from our technology committee that reviews emerging trends and solutions.

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These Firms Choose NENS

for Reliable Cyber Security Services in Boston

Get the Highest Level of Cyber Security In Boston

There is more to NENS than just being a cybersecurity firm in Boston.

As one of the top cyber security companies in Boston, we engage your leaders and work together to bring the benefits of systems standards, procedures, and documentation. 

As one of the premier Boston cybersecurity companies, NENS focus is twofold. Not only do we focus on your IT support needs, we also help our clients benefit from better IT management. 

This facilitates better ROI, closes security gaps, and maintains the efficiency of your systems.

NENS assigns a team of people to you – not just an engineer. 

We combine strategic: 

  • Account management
  • Technical engineering
  • Service desk solutions
  • Monitoring & detection response software

Together with our experienced technology committee, our Boston cyber security company works to prepare your organization from all angles.

This approach ensures increased security, efficiency, and ROI. To ensure optimal accountability, you’ll have direct access to the executive leadership team.

Get a multi-layered cyber security approach in Boston. 

It is not realistic to have one line of defense and expect great results. 

As a reliable provider of cyber security in Boston, NENS’ multi-layered strategies cover IT solutions from users to systems, from cloud to premise. This provides greater security and peace of mind.

Exceed Standard Practices of Other Boston Managed IT Companies 

To improve your business performance, our experts create an IT plan for your executive team. It provides  vision and alignment for your business with the help of our 6-quarter strategic IT plan.

And as one of the leading cyber security companies in Boston, NENS is dedicated to delivering best-in-class technology results through our security program.

We have the structure, processes, KPIs, SLAs, and culture to back it up.

Implement clear IT usage policies and educate your staff about cybersecurity standards.

Our Boston cybersecurity clients benefit from NENS’s 19 IT usage policies.

The policies set the acceptable usage standards, and offer businesses a clear platform to guide employees, and protect businesses from negligence-based liability.


Trust your data to NENS for network backup and business continuity. We provide premier Boston IT Network support. Our collective threat intelligence keeps malicious activity at bay.

We navigate the threat landscape to ensure the functionality of your critical infrastructure.

Our cybersecurity company in Boston provides not only backup solutions and business continuity solutions, but also a protection platform that offers incident detection and incident response.

What Clients Say About Our Cybersecurity Company in Boston

"Needed help ASAP and you responded within minutes!"

CPA firm, C.D.

"Tech was new, and worked very creatively to fix our issue here at Chapman. He had a great attitude and made the issue an enjoyable resolution."

Manufacturing R.A.

"Excellent and speedy response time!"

Life Sciences / Biotech Company R.P.

"Reth was exceptional and saw the fix all the way to the end. Very confident in his ability to resolve the issue quickly from the moment we began to troubleshoot."

Insurance Industry, B.B.

"Awesome service! tech was on time and on it!"

Manufacturing R.C.

"The NENS team was so friendly and responsive. Took good care to be sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Much appreciate. Nancy O'Connor"

Insurance Industry N.O.

"Reth is so great! He's expedient, thorough, and always positive and update. He also makes sure that issues were resolved via follow-up messages. He should be acknowledged as an outstanding employee!"

Wealth Management A.T.

"The NENS team was dogged in their determination to identify the cause of the problem and resolve the issue!"

Healthcare M.C.

"Fixed my problem with good communication."

Professional Services D.F.

"Engineer was excellent. Learned about the prioritization process during this encounter."

Life Sciences / Biotech Company F.M.

"Fast. Ticket was completed in less than an hour. Thank you"

Property Management R.V.

"David was outstanding and took straightened out all of my computer issues very quickly."

Property Management J.P.

New England Network Solutions Inc.

Leading Boston IT Security Company

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What Makes Us Stand Out Among Cyber Security Companies in Boston

Cyber Security Services Boston
NENS is Your First Line of Defense

As a leader among Boston cyber security firms, our unique multi-layered security posture strategy protects owners, executives, and staff from data breaches and negligence-based threats. 

Some of the Boston cyber security services that NENS offers to your organization include:

  • Service from our security operations center (SOC)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Real-time 24/7 network security monitoring
  • Next-Gen AI and heuristic software, which covers zero-day exploits
  • System patching and updates to keep OS security current
  • Cloud and virtualization security
  • DNS control to prevent site hijacking and command and control threats
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions|
  • Data protection and Business continuity
  • IT usage security policies
  • Next-gen cyber perimeter protection
  • Cyber security user education
  • Business email protection

Dealing with cyber threats takes time you don’t have.

Consult with the experts at one of the best Boston cyber security firms today.

NENS Security Risk Assessment

As a leader in cyber security in Boston, we offer visibility and transparency into the current state of your cybersecurity related risks and exposures. 

Leverage this knowledge about cybersecurity in Boston to guide actions that will effectively mitigate risk, improve security, and educate all users on how to protect your business.

Our dedication to accurate assessments and user education are among the many reasons why NENS is one of the leading Boston IT security companies.

Boston Cybersecurity Services
Boston Cyber Security Services
Let NENS Secure Your Computer Network and Data
Worrying about cyber-attacks and system vulnerabilities can take valuable time away from growing your business.

Leave the security worries to the security specialists at NENS – a Boston cyber security company with 30 years of experience delivering the best in cybersecurity solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cybersecurity Services

How do your cybersecurity services protect my business?

Our cybersecurity services act as your business’s digital shield. We exceed best practice cybersecurity standards, ensuring your assets are fortified against threats. 

With tools like next-gen AI/ML EDR software that covers zero-day exploits, we ensure that our cybersecurity approach is comprehensive, proactive, and able to deal with evolving digital threats.

What sets your IT cyber security company apart?

The difference lies in the depth of expertise and proactive measures. NENS stands out by offering cybersecurity services that prioritize your business’s unique needs. 

Our commitment to exceeding industry standards, coupled with our specialized industry vertical expertise, ensures that our cyber security solutions are both robust and tailored. 

Partner with NENS and choose foresight and excellence that keeps your critical data out of hackers’ crosshairs.

How does your cybersecurity company stay ahead of evolving digital threats?

Staying ahead requires vigilance and innovation. As a premier cyber security company, NENS is always on the pulse of emerging trends and solutions. 

Our organized technology committee reviews these trends, ensuring our cybersecurity services remain cutting-edge. 

With comprehensive efforts like annual security risk assessments and employee training, NENS ensures your business remains two steps ahead of potential threats.

Why is industry-specific experience crucial for cybersecurity services?

When it comes to cybersecurity, a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best way forward.

NENS recognizes this, offering cyber security services tailored to sectors like Life Sciences, Biotech, and Financial Services.

Our deep understanding of these industries ensures that our cybersecurity solutions address unique challenges, ensuring your business is protected as it grows.

How do you ensure your cybersecurity aligns with my goals?

Reliable cybersecurity services go beyond surface-level protection; they align with your business’s goals. 

That’s why NENS offers a unique six-quarter IT strategic roadmap to ensure this alignment. 

We work in tandem with your executive team, ensuring our cybersecurity services not only protect but also propel your business forward, keeping your long-term vision at the forefront.