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Does worrying about cybersecurity keep you up at night? You?re not alone.

Sadly, the threats facing organizations and individuals today online are numerous and expansive, but there are plenty of tricks and tools out there to help mitigate the risks.

One of these tools is an easy and cost-effective solution to implement in your programs and devices to boost security – 2-factor authentication.

What is 2-Factor Authentication

Chances are you?ve already experienced 2-factor authentication for one of the many apps or devices you access on a daily basis.

In short, 2-factor authentication is the extra ?step? to logging into an app or device for an added layer of security. How this is accessed can be different per each program or device, but in many cases it?s a required password, then a text or email sent to the information on file from the account.

For example, a 2-factor authentication to enter your potential email account would require:

  1. Username and password
  2. A code prompt is then displayed on the page after you enter your information
  3. A code is sent to a contact address in your profile
  4. The code from the text/email is entered into the prompt, allowing you to access your information

In some cases, 2-factor may seem like overkill or even a bit of a pain – but the pros absolutely outweigh the cons when you implement.

Why Does It Help?

2-factor, or even multi-factor authentication, is one of the most effective tools in an effective cybersecurity plan. As hackers become increasingly skilled at their craft, strong passwords alone may not be able to keep them out – not to mention that most folks don?t use strong passwords to begin with.

That?s where 2-factor comes into play. Even if a password is weak and easily cracked by an automated bot, the chance that same bot could easily also hack and access a user?s email or cell phone becomes increasingly unlikely, improving security and drastically lowering the chance hackers can gain access to information.

In fact, a recent study by Google showed that 2-factor authentication blocked 100% of automated bot attacks, which means 2-factor authentication is more than just an annoying step before you sign into your account – it?s a viable strategy to ensure security.

How to Get 2-Factor Up and Running

So you want to get 2-factor authentication up-and-running as a best practice in your organization. Lucky for you, most programs are beginning to include it as a security option you can check if you?d like to.

However, to implement this technology across an entire organization is a larger scope project. That?s where the IT pros come in.

Working with a local IT consultancy like NENS is the easiest way to ensure effective 2-factor authentication is being implemented across your organization in a manner that?s both secure and not overbearing to work with. Our team of experts are ready to ensure 2-factor authentication is implemented correctly in your systems, and can help create a safe cyber environment for your organization.

Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can help boost your organization?s cybersecurity efforts.