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What?s an RTO anyway?

RTO, or recovery time objective, is one of the most important aspects of your disaster recovery plan. Essentially it?s the amount of time your systems can be down before you suffer unacceptable consequences, like full loss of data or loss of clients. Understanding your RTO is like understanding your biggest weakness – knowing how much time you have before the issues breaking continuity of your systems allows you a window of when to get a problem fixed.

Think of RTO as the timer to the bomb in your favorite action movie. While it?s ticking down it?s the action hero?s job (in this case, your IT staff), to get the bomb defused before the timer goes off. If the hero gets the timer to stop before it goes off, things can go back to normal pretty quickly. If they fail, however, and the bomb goes off, they?ll have to accept the dire consequences. In the case of your business, it may not be a bomb that goes off physically, but financially if you lose big name clients and customers due to your networks being down. Once that RTO timer hits zero, there?s no going back to the way it was.

Where does my RTO fit in?

Okay so you now understand what an RTO is, but what do you do with it? Formulating and understanding an RTO doesn?t mean much if you don?t have a full disaster recovery plan in place, which will outline all the steps necessary to get your systems back up and running after a downed network or attack.

It works along with your RPO, or recovery point objective, which designates the point in the past from which you will recover from. These together are valuable assets in an acceptable playbook for disaster recovery. If the RPO is look into the past, the RTO is your look into the future – you need both to understand the scope of the disaster and properly formulate and effective response.

How do I make the most of my RTO and RPO?

In order to make the most of your shiny new RTO and RPO understandings, and create an effective disaster recovery plan, it may be time to call in the professionals. DRaaS, or Disaster-recovery-as-a-service, is a growing professional service offered by IT consultants to help clients be prepared and get back on their feet after a disaster strikes.

Signing on with an IT service partner like NENS is the most efficient way to get a disaster recovery plan in place. When a disaster strikes, you already have enough to worry about – let the IT professionals at NENS help take the technical steps to get you back up and running.