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Digital Security and data protection are becoming one of the most important assets your company can have in today’s growing technical world. Do you have good data security to protect you and your clients?


It?s the digital age, which means data is king when it comes to business. However, all that newly acquired, and potentially sensitive data companies have been collecting has had some raw fallout on the end of businesses. Data security is more important than ever before, and not just to prevent annoying DNS and ransomware attacks, but to protect the future of your organization.

Data is the future of business – and data security is the future of business success. Proper data security is becoming a core function of business and will help your organization grow and succeed in the digital world.


Protection for You and Your Customers

The most critical aspect of protecting your data is to protect yourself and your customers. If data is hacked and stolen, it not only means that your organization?s critical information may now be available to the world-wide web, but also that your customers may be compromised too. And if you?re the reason their information was leaked, which can even be as sensitive as credit card and social security numbers, do you think they?ll want to do business with you again?

No, they won?t – and that?s becoming a major problem for businesses today.

If customers don?t feel their data is safe, they won?t work with your organization – which means sales are going to decline. The most effective way to win customers back is to never have lose them in the first place. By making the safety of their data a priority for your organization, you will help keep them in your sales funnel and away from the competition.


Preparation for Current and Upcoming Regulations

Effective May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has gone into effect in Europe. Although this may seem at first like it shouldn?t affect US businesses, it?s setting a new precedent for how we handle data and information.

In short, the GDPR is mandating that organizations explicitly tell customers how their data is going to be used – which means there should be fewer leaks about misused and over-collected data from major digital corporations. And if you do have customers in the EU and don?t follow the regulatory guidelines, the fines they could land on your organization could hinder business.

For US businesses, it?s only a matter of time before US-specific regulations are passed. Companies are jumping on board with updating their information on how they store your data – which is why you?ve seen so many new privacy policy announcements in the recent months. Pretty soon, poor data management may lead to more than lost customers.


Understand that Data Reliance Is Here to Stay

There?s no going back at this point – so many functions of modern business are built off data collection and the analysis of that data that to not be collecting it means you?re likely not going to be competitive in the field.

This adds a whole new element of responsibility on business owners and isn?t a field that was covered in business school. Luckily there are people and organizations out there willing to help.

Choosing to partner with an IT consultancy like NENs is the most effective way to ensure your data – and the data you collect on your customers – is kept safe and secure. Working with an IT consultancy takes the stress of learning about and managing the latest cybersecurity threats and initiatives off your plate, so you can focus on the business functions you?re passionate about to grow your brand.