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Google is one of the most widely known and used search engines on the Internet. It allows anyone to have instant knowledge whenever and wherever they want, which in itself is mind boggling to anyone who lived during a time without internet. The development and innovations of smartphones have enhanced this capability.

Do you understand how Google works? Could you be taking this amazing search engine for granted? While it?s likely that you use this search engine every day, you may be missing out on a few tips that will help you get the most out of your everyday searches. Here?s a list of 5 ways to leverage the use of your favorite search engine.


  1. Refine Your Search Results
    Google does a pretty great job at refining searches for you, even when you don?t type them in an ideal fashion. However, if you?re looking to omit something from showing up, you can use the minus (-) symbol.
    Let me explain. If you keep seeing search results unrelated to what you?re looking for you can use the minus symbol to exclude these results. So, if you?re searching for info about Steve Jobs unrelated to the iPhone, you can search ?Steve Jobs -iPhone-smartphone.??This will omit any phone related content from showing up in your search result. This can be useful in finding exactly what you?re looking for. It is particularly helpful when you are searching about a topic that has two meanings.
  1. Search Qualifier
    Google allows more filtering options by supporting a variety of search qualifiers. What does that mean? Well, an example is searching inside a single website. If you want results from only one website, then your search inquiry should end with the word ?site:? and the url of the website. For example:?Apple This will ensure you only receive results from the Apple website.
  1. Refined Image Search
    Ever searched for images and you get all kinds of unrelated garbage? By visiting?,?you can refine your image search result even more. This page allows you to search for images based on size, region, file type, and even specific colors.
  1. Reverse Image Search
    Another cool and useful feature is the Google reverse image search. This feature is supported on most browsers and basically allows you to upload an image file and find information on that image. For example, if you upload a picture of the iPhone, Google has the ability to recognize the photo and produce informative content on the image. It works with faces as well; if Google recognizes the photo it will provide you with the content it can find. Additionally, Google can direct you to websites where the particular image appears, and can even show you similar photos. This is a really neat one to try out.
  1. View Your Search History
    If you navigate to?, you?ll find a comprehensive list of all your Google history. This page also provides the user with loads of data about their searches, like how many searches they?ve made.
    You also have the ability to delete all of this history by checking the box next to the search and clicking the ?Remove items? button. This editing is great as it can remove annoying ads that are targeted at you and your interests. You can also turn off the history completely.

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