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Just like any facet of business and life, cybersecurity needs its touch-ups every once in a while. Somewhere between the cadence of showering once a day and a yearly automotive inspection sticker, cybersecurity hygiene is a critical aspect of keeping your cybersecurity plan – and your business and sensitive data – as up-to-date and secure as possible.

Review Software Security and Updates

Most attacks in the business world revolves around network inference and data collection, and what do both of those have in common?

They both rely on the software your employees use every day to gain access to their data.

Constant software updates can be quite a pain when they’re too commonly deployed – and most computer users are guilty at some point of their life for putting off the Microsoft restart and update dialog for as long as possible – but when it comes to cybersecurity, software updates are key.

Remember the Equifax hack that happened a few years ago and cost the company over $1 billion in damages and legal fees. That was all due to a simple missed software update that could have prevented the whole thing.

Software updates aren’t always fun or well-timed, but when they do come up, it’s critical that you and your employees ensure the latest and greatest software is always deployed to protect your data and business.

Hardware Is Just as Important?

Although software tends to take the spotlight when it comes to the importance of updates for cybersecurity, in 2019 hardware is just as important.

Think for a moment about the amount of hardware your office now has – smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, wireless printers, routers, servers…and with burgeoning IoT and connected devices, as well as increasingly remote workforce, it means many of those devices can easily be linked.

So, if you have a vulnerability in one piece of hardware, it can become a catalyst for increased damage.

Keeping your hardware up-to-date and secure is just as important as your software – even more so in some cases. So, as you begin to implement regular cybersecurity hygiene, don?t forget the hardware laying around the office too.

Review Your Response Plan

So, you’ve looked at your software and updated it – and your hardware is looking good; what else do you need from this cybersecurity hygiene check?

Well, what about what you do when an attack does inevitably make it through your updated cyber security protocols?

If you don’t already have a plan in place, that should be the absolute next step in your cybersecurity check-in. Cybersecurity response plans are one of the key elements of functional security and can be the last line of defense in protecting your organization and data. If you’ve never created one, check out our tips here.

However, even if you have a response plan in place, it’s still worthy of review. Don’t forget, 5-10 years ago, ransomware wasn’t even thought up yet – today it’s one of the most dangerous and effective tools in a hackers arsenal.

Keeping your plan regularly updated to include any growth in the company, new technology uses and aware of the latest and most pressing threats to your organization should be as regular as an appointment at the dentist.

Call in the Professionals

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone. Many organizations across the country struggle with keeping up to date on cybersecurity best practices and initiatives, and fall behind on their security best practices because of it.

Your organization, however, does not need to fall behind.

That’s where the professionals come in. We work with Boston-area business who need a boost for their IT, and we’re ready to work with you too.

At NENS, our team of certified IT and cybersecurity experts are prepared to take on the challenge of keeping your organization’s security practices up-to-date and secure from new and existing threats. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can ensure your cybersecurity is kept clean and updated for every emerging threat.