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It?s every business leaders nightmare in 2019 – ransomware, the latest and most dangerous trend in cybersecurity, ripping through their network and bricking machines left in right. If you?re not familiar with ransomware, then you?re in for a treat of new nightmares.

Luckily, as ransomware threats become increasingly dangerous, the abilities of cybersecurity professionals at IT services organizations also rise to the challenge. Check out how we can help you prevent ransomware and other cyber threats with our team of at-the-ready experts.

Lowering Risk by Removing Vulnerabilities

Like many attacks, ransomware becomes critically more possible when employees or managers alike don?t take the necessary precautions to ensure their cybersecurity best practices are in place. In fact, the biggest threat to your networks and cybersecurity systems is employee negligence, and proper training to teach employees how to keep their own systems and networks secure is vital in preventing these mishaps.

So, how could a managed IT provider help with this task? It?s in every good IT service company?s wheelhouse to not only provide their top-tier services, but also help your organization in every way they can – namely, in cybersecurity best practices.

We?re not just the guardians of your networks, but also the teachers who can help your employees take the first steps in preventing attacks themselves. Not only will we comb your systems to ensure every patch is updated and security threat removed, we?ll also help make sure Jim from accounting also knows what emails not to open.

Using the Cloud to Make a Warning System

One of the top benefits of working with a managed IT services provider is the wealth of tools they have at their disposal that many small businesses could only dream of. One in particular, cloud services, is commonly used across all business functions – but can be vital in preventing ransomware.

Chances are you?re familiar with ?the cloud? in some capacity, whether it be via storage for backups, or perhaps you have cloud applications like Microsoft 365 that you run in your organization. Regardless, cloud systems are becoming a commodity for large businesses across the globe, and that?s no different in cybersecurity.

When you?re using cloud systems your managed IT services partner provides or sets up your you, you?re also getting a wealth of cybersecurity preventative measures along with them. Cloud systems are getting smarter every day, which means that ransomware spread through these applications like email or file sharing are becoming targets for savvy cybersecurity experts working to make these programs as safe as possible.

When the cloud first hit the US business market, many business leaders were wary of having their data potentially stored offsite. Today, it?s the safest way to work – all thanks to managed service providers.

A Team of Experts at Your Disposal

Say something does occur – an attack gets through ever defense you?re put up and your network is compromised. What?s the best course of action?

Ransomware is tough because in many cases you may be left with your hands tied, but having a team of experts behind you in full support of your security is the first step in getting your systems cleared.

From training to cleaning malware and ransomware from your system, a reliable IT services provider is going to be the crutch you lean on when a cyber-attack occurs. Our team of experts are on-call and ready to go to help your organization prevent or recoup from any attack at any time – and we?re only a phone call away.

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