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It may only be September, but the year is coming to a close – which means it?s time savvy business leaders begin to plan for 2020 and beyond. And one of the most pressing cybersecurity issues that needs to be addressed before the new year is endpoint security.

Often an overlooked aspect of a successful cybersecurity plan, endpoint security is one of the most pressing issues organizations face in the digital age. If it?s not something you?re familiar with, you?re not alone. With the proliferation of personal devices – from cellphones and tablets to laptops and desktops – creating a plan for improved endpoint security isn?t always an easy task, but it?s becoming increasingly necessary for organizations of all sizes.

Keep reading to learn about the steps you need to take to create an endpoint security plan – and why this plan is so critical to have in place at your organization.

Figure Out Exactly What You Need

Like any business-wide project or roll-out, improving or implementing endpoint security begins with knowing exactly what you need to ensure top-notch security.

Knowing the current strengths and weaknesses of your program is the first step in understanding what exactly you need to implement. Do you need to worry more about threat prevention, or detection of threats already in your system? Or do you already have a system in place and need to manage the latest and greatest patches to ensure everything is in top shape for safety?

Then beyond this, it?s critical to know what devices you?ll need to be protecting. Are your employees bringing in their own devices for work-sanctioned tasks? Do you need to protect client-side devices off site using your networks or applications? The scope of all of these facets of security will change how your plan is laid out – and what exactly you?ll need to keep data secure.

Creating an effective endpoint security solution begins with knowing exactly what you need – and analyzing the specific and unique requirements of your organization is a great place to start.

Keep Your Operation Simple

If endpoint security is new to you, this could seem a bit overbearing and a lot to handle. Cybersecurity in 2019 can be a lot of buzzwords, and the risks associated with getting something wrong are momentous – from data breaches and trojans to ransomware, proper cybersecurity has never been more important to the safety of an organization.

That?s why many organizations create over-arching data and device plans. Perhaps personal devices aren?t allowed for work use, or are provided to employees so the company can easily maintain the security of devices. Or perhaps VPNs are required for all users to access the organization?s network for an added layer of security.

Regardless of the specific needs of your organization, keeping your plan as simple as possible is a key factor in ensuring it?s a plan that can be easily followed or clients and employees alike.

Work with a Trusted Partner

When in doubt, working with a local IT partner to handle your endpoint security program and management is the easiest – and safest – way to ensure the best cybersecurity outcome for your organization.

Our team of experts at NENS have the background and expertise your organization needs to ensure successful endpoint security – without the hefty price tag of having an entire team on the payroll. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can ensure the best possible endpoint security for your applications and organization in 2020 and beyond.