Business Executives

Only someone who has been a leader understands what is it like when everything depends on you. Finding the right people to trust with your business decisions that can make your life easier is not simple. Finding someone who can fix an issue is vital, but finding an IT service partner who can prevent them in the first place is what moves your business forward.

We hear your pain, see your vision and know what matters to you. Let us share with you some key IT knowledge that is geared towards someone in your shoes. Click on the resources below for more info.

Introduction for Business Executives

Challenge The Way Technology is Delivered.

1. Introduction for Business Executives

As a leader, your time and resources are limited. Where do you put your energy and expertise? The amount of resources you have are growing exponentially. You can no longer hide mediocrity in the company, especially in IT.

2. Holding Vendors Accountable

A common problem for businesses is managing their vendors effectively and appropriately, not just for IT service. The real issue is when multiple vendors come together to work on areas out of their scope of expertise.

3. So You Thought Your Technology Was Covered

One of the most frustrating feelings as a business leader is finding out you were misled, when in reality you were taken advantage of or left exposed, often times by an IT service provider. What you are looking for has a great impact on your results.

4. Why Treating IT Like a Commodity Hurts

Just because your business has certain technology assets, does not mean they are being optimally utilized. The goal is to move away from this mentality that success is defined by our [technology] assets and move toward productivity and real results. The right IT consultant will assist in yielding such results.

5. Gain a Better Understanding of IT Costs

Few people have taken the time to understand the nuances of IT support and service costs. Where is your business hemorrhaging money from? There are three types of technology costs associated with this problem to consider.