Financial Executives

How do you control your business IT when there are so many variables and excuses? Technology touches everything in your business and, therefore, impacts everything. It can either inhibit or enable your success and your approach to IT strategy and service makes all the difference.

At NENS we understand and can help you leverage technology as a friend to you, not a foe. Check out the financially focused resources on this page, including videos, whitepapers and blog for more insight.

Introduction for Financial Executives

Challenge The Way Technology is Delivered.

1. Introduction to NENS for Finance Executives

As a financial executive, your goal is to control costs and reduce risk for your company. Technology has not always had the reputation of being a controllable cost, but measure your IT support cost correctly and it can be.

2. How to Reduce Business Risk with IT Strategy

There is a gap between what leaders believe they have and their reality. Without proper preparation, your business can quickly be held hostage by certain systems that contain your information and may inhibit productivity, especially with IT support.

3. How to Better Control IT Costs

Controlling your business IT service and support costs relates directly to understanding what the costs represent, where the funds are going, how they perform and when is the best time to make a change.

4. Holding Vendors Accountable

A common problem for businesses is managing their vendors effectively and appropriately, not just for IT service. The real issue is when multiple vendors come together to work on areas out of their scope of expertise.