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This young office worker is ready to save the day for your business. This young office worker is ready to save the day for your business.

IT decidedly integrates with the success of every business. ?Accurate business planning, effective marketing, global sales, systematic management, real time monitoring, instant customer support and long term business growth cannot be achieved at the optimum level without IT.

The successful and strategic IT team is there right alongside organizational management in ensuring a future for your businesses – from broken-computer-fix to technology-of-the-future installation. Considering technology isn?t likely to stop evolving, that role isn?t likely to change.

New Tech Needs Smart People (To Set It Up)

The modern business world is centered around the latest tech, and that goes beyond the laptops and desktops you work on for hours a day. With every new gadget released, there is likely some new business application for it. For example, look at how smartphones revolutionized the business world.

No one is completely sure what next year might bring tech wise, but savvy business owners do know that each of these new gadgets represents a chance to gain on competitors in the market. They also mean you?re going to need someone tech-focused to help your teams get up to speed, because the coolest, trendiest new piece of equipment means nothing if you don?t know how to turn it on.

Hindsight Will Not Fix Your Broken Technology

If Benjamin Franklin were alive today, he?d likely amend his famous saying that ?nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes? to include ?and technical difficulties.? ?

When your invaluable tech breaks, hindsight will not get you back up and running. The only thing that will get you back up to speed is being prepared.

Keeping up with IT maintenance is an arduous and vicious circle. New technology comes out, which you want to improve your business – and will need as competitors acquire it as well. As that technology makes its way into your daily business routine, your staff becomes more and more reliant on it with every day, making inevitable IT blackouts even costlier.

Think about it this way – 50 years ago, if a company?s email server went down for a week, what would happen?

Nothing of course, because they didn?t have email. Now think about what would happen at your organization if you lost email connectivity for just one day. Yikes.

Security Means More than Dead Bolting the Door

With great technology comes great responsibility ? and threats, namely security.

50 years ago, businesses didn?t have to worry about email phishing scams or hackers, just to make sure their doors were locked at night. While today businesses still have to worry about those physical security threats, each new technological strategy we employ is offering new threats to business success by giving hackers a new potential backdoor into our systems.

Security today is more important than ever before, because getting robbed no longer requires walking in the front door. If you think you can implement new technology in your organization without the proper safety measures put in place, you?re playing a dangerous, naive game.

One serious hack could bring a company to its knees, which means ensured IT security preparation, maintenance and training is a priority for a business to succeed.

The Search for Your IT Partner

Finding the right strategic IT partner to fit your business? unique needs and interests is the final piece of the puzzle. A strategic partner is more than a company you employ to fix things when they?re broken, but an organization you can rely on to keep your business up-to-speed in the 21st century – and beyond.

Make sure you choose an IT consultant that fits your company size, hands-on interaction needs, and support requirements. The partnership a managed IT provider like NENS is smart choice for ensuring that IT integrates with the success of your business