Why approach matters in IT Services

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and to expect a different result. If you want to get something better, you have to change the way you go about doing it.

We recognize that a business’s success correlates directly to the approach taken to accomplish the many facets of business. IT infrastructure and support is either a friction point or enabler and most companies make it more difficult than it needs to be. Watch our videos and skim our blogs to learn more about the NENS approach to tech support and strategy.

Introduction for Business Executives

Challenge The Way Technology is Delivered.

Few people have taken the time to understand the nuances of IT support and service costs. Where is your business hemorrhaging money from? There are three types of technology costs associated with this problem to consider.

Just because your business has certain technology assets, does not mean they are being optimally utilized. The goal is to move away from this mentality that success is defined by our [technology] assets and move toward productivity and real results. The right IT consultant will assist in yielding such results.

One of the most frustrating feelings as a business leader is finding out you were misled, when in reality you were taken advantage of or left exposed, often times by an IT service provider. What you are looking for has a great impact on your results.

A common problem for businesses is managing their vendors effectively and appropriately, not just for IT service. The real issue is when multiple vendors come together to work on areas out of their scope of expertise.

Invest Wisely To Support Your IT Needs

Digital reliance has quickly become an integral part of almost every industry on the planet. We use computers and the internet on a daily basis. Many times, we don’t even realize how much information we divulge to our computers and our mobile devices. We trust that our information will remain safe and protected. In this […]

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Biotech and Cyber Attacks

The past decade has seen unbelievable jumps forward in biotechnology. Just this week, the FDA approved a cancer treatment that uses gene therapy. The world’s first vaccine for malaria will be introduced next year. And it’s only a matter of time before bionic prosthetics become commonplace. With these advances, it’s no wonder that the biotech industry is facing incredible growth. In 2017, […]

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Should your business outsource or offshore your IT services?

Outsourcing and offshoring are two of the most common buzzwords of the 21st century business world — and outsourcing IT is one the most common practices amongst businesses large and small in the digital age. However, when it comes to having someone else take over your IT, are you outsourcing, or are you offshoring it? […]

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Should Your Bank Look to Outsourced IT Security?

Every business across the globe is has one thing in common in today’s business environment: the threat and concern of cybersecurity. Financial institutions and banks are no different—and may even feel they have a larger target on their back given the sensitive nature of their work.   Ensuring your bank has updated cybersecurity is a […]

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Who manages your IT security?

Whether you’re a new, small business, or a massive corporate entity, the subject of IT security is likely top of mind. Numerous hacks across the globe have left businesses and organizations on their knees after cyberattacks, and the constant threat of cyberattack is imminent amongst most business leaders. The necessity of proper cybersecurity is now […]

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Download The Whitepaper: Top 3 Technology Problems Most Business Don’t Know They Have

Many of us don’t recognize the true cost of technology on our business until it’s too late. Learn about the top 3 problems you could be experiencing and ways to avoid them.

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