Why approach matters in IT Services

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and to expect a different result. If you want to get something better, you have to change the way you go about doing it.

We recognize that a business’s success correlates directly to the approach taken to accomplish the many facets of business. IT infrastructure and support is either a friction point or enabler and most companies make it more difficult than it needs to be. Watch our videos and skim our blogs to learn more about the NENS approach to tech support and strategy.

Introduction for Business Executives

Challenge The Way Technology is Delivered.

Few people have taken the time to understand the nuances of IT support and service costs. Where is your business hemorrhaging money from? There are three types of technology costs associated with this problem to consider.

Just because your business has certain technology assets, does not mean they are being optimally utilized. The goal is to move away from this mentality that success is defined by our [technology] assets and move toward productivity and real results. The right IT consultant will assist in yielding such results.

One of the most frustrating feelings as a business leader is finding out you were misled, when in reality you were taken advantage of or left exposed, often times by an IT service provider. What you are looking for has a great impact on your results.

A common problem for businesses is managing their vendors effectively and appropriately, not just for IT service. The real issue is when multiple vendors come together to work on areas out of their scope of expertise.

3 Ways to Improve Your Employee’s Browsing Security

How can your employee’s browsing habits affect your company?   There is no longer any privacy when you’re browsing the web. Short of using a Tor server, most online interaction is being collected in some way – which means your employee’s innocent internet browsing could end up becoming a data leak for online entities. A […]

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Why Good Data Security is the Future of Your Organization

  It’s the digital age, which means data is king when it comes to business. However, all that newly acquired, and potentially sensitive data companies have been collecting has had some raw fallout on the end of businesses. Data security is more important than ever before, and not just to prevent annoying DNS and ransomware […]

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How to Handle a Hack into Your Cloud Network

So, it’s finally happened, the inevitable disaster you’ve been dreading since the day you opted for cloud computing for your organization – your cloud network is being hacked, and there’s currently an intruder in your system trying to gain access to your valuable data. First thing’s first – don’t panic. This is a stressful situation, […]

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Your Top 4 Biggest Data Backup Mistakes

Just because you’re backing up your organization’s data doesn’t mean you’re doing it well. Yes, that’s correct – not all data backup solutions or strategies are created equal, and if you find yourself unknowingly making these mistakes, it could cost you dearly down the road when you do need to rely on those backup files. […]

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3 Backup Habits You’re Not Proud Of – And How to Fix Them

3 Backup Habits You’re Not Proud Of – And How to Fix Them For most business owners, data backups are something easily forgotten until the worst-case scenario occurs, and you realize all your data has been lost. Usually this is a lesson only learned once before understanding the value of backing up your data and […]

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Download The Whitepaper: Top 3 Technology Problems Most Business Don’t Know They Have

Many of us don’t recognize the true cost of technology on our business until it’s too late. Learn about the top 3 problems you could be experiencing and ways to avoid them.

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