Is Your Managed IT Services Provider Worth the Cost?

In 2019, most organizations are relying on some kind of managed IT services to handle a facet of their businesses. And with the growing number of technological moving parts for each organization, it’s no surprise that a team of experts is often called in to handle the tech-side of things.

However, not all IT managed services are created equal – and whether or not it’s worth the time and money you spend on the services depend on a multitude of factors. There are some bad apples out there and there’s nothing worse than sinking money into a service that doesn’t benefit your organization.

Here are a few examples of surefire signs your IT managed service provider isn’t worth your time and money – and worse yet, could be heading your organization into an avoidable disaster.

I Can’t Reach Any of My Data or Services

This is a sign of bad news. And for many organizations, this can directly affect the revenue stream of your company.

Depending on what kind of business you’re running and how much you rely on a managed IT services provider will affect how critical it is for you to constantly access old data – but accessing it regardless shouldn’t be an issue. Worse yet, if you have systems that rely on cloud programs and services and service is interrupted… that means your employees may not be able to efficiently complete essential tasks, and that could directly lead to poor outcomes for your customers, and eventually a loss of business.

What’s the point of paying an organization to backup and protect your data if, when something does occur and you need to access that backup, they’re nowhere to be found? Or worse yet, you finally get a hold of them, try to restore of a backup and… it’s all gone.

Support Is as Nonexistent as Their Expertise

When it comes to relying on an outsourced, managed IT services partner to have your organization’s back on all things tech-related, easy-to-use and access support is critical.

Image losing your data and having to restore, only to have to attempt to reach out to your IT services provider on multiple occasions to no avail – or worse yet, when you do, the support person is rude and your data is lost.

This is a nightmare and worst-case scenario as far as IT services providers are concerned, but it’s not unheard of. With managed IT services moving from a niche to a commodity, there are sure to be a few bad apples out there – or worse yet, a complete scam of an organization.

Plus, how can you trust an organization to manage facets of your organization like an online helpdesk solution if theirs isn’t up to par? If it’s hard to get a hold of your managed IT services provider, that’s a major red flag.

Data Backups Are a Thing of the Past

Data backups and archives are among the top services organizations utilize in an IT services provider – but are you sure they’re happening?

If you have reason to believe your data isn’t being backed up effectively, or have had an instance where a data restoration was required but not all the data you had or needed was present, this is a surefire sign that your managed IT services provider isn’t earning their keep with your organization.

In the digital age, data is more valuable than ever before – it’s critical that you ensure the safety of that data into the trusted hands of a professional team of IT services experts. If that data isn’t being handled correctly and isn’t prepared for easy access after a disaster… then what are you paying for?

Have These Issues? Then Find Someone You Trust – And Stick with Them

If it sounds like your current partnership with an IT services provider isn’t working out, or if you’re not yet partnering with a local consultancy and looking for that perfect fit for your business, give NENS a call today. Our staff of expert IT professionals can take on any job your organization needs, and you can rest assured that as a fellow Boston-based organization, we handle our partnerships as seriously as our sports teams.

Client Feedback

“We are about 60% more effective, since we contracted with NENS. The new IT structure helped our office work more efficiently and NENS was able to help make our performance faster. NENS was able to diagnose issues quickly and fix them in a timely manner.”

—Kristen Hammond
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