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Align your IT with your business needs with NENS IT consulting in Boston

Get a stronger return from your IT investments with NENS.  Our Boston IT Consulting brings mature IT operational benefits to your business.

Why work with NENS for IT Consulting in Boston?

Get 100% visibility and transparency via security risk assessments and network assessments with clear prioritized action items tied to your business needs.
Your dedicated technical manager and account manager work with you to create a detailed 6-quarter IT plan that supports your initiatives, improves performance and security while reducing financial surprises.
Tested multi-layer cybersecurity protection for your business covering employees to infrastructure.
Get a head start – Benefit from IT operations standards and procedures to bring improvements in controlled costs and performance efficiencies.
Robust cloud consulting services to address your company’s usage of cloud technologies.

Get help upgrading and implementing technology to meet your business goals

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Experience the benefits from NENS IT consulting in Boston


For over 25 years, NENS has provided IT consulting to firms in the greater Boston area.  Hundreds of clients with over 3 times the average tenure of engagement. 

We have pretty much seen and done it all and have standards and procedures, so you benefit from this experience day one.

Technology and standards committees

NENS has technology and standards committees that evaluate new technologies and solutions.  They review effectiveness, implementation, support, and maintenance as well as cost and value.

We will not just throw technology into a client, it has to pass our evaluation and measure up before it is presented.

 Our IT consultants only offer approved solutions, they do not make recommendations on personal whims.

Security consulting

NENS has dedicated IT security consultants whose only focus is on cybersecurity trends, solutions, and how to best implement them into our clients.  Our security consultants perform security risk assessments, implement, and support solutions and consult with executive teams on how to reduce business exposure

Security Services

NENS has a multi-layered approach to security that has been designed and implemented by our technology committee.  This overlapping suite of services provides a cybersecurity blanket that wraps around your business.

Our IT Consultants work with our security engineers to leverage the SRA (security risk assessment) to identify key exposure areas to bring insight to your leadership team.

The NENS security standards and your SRA are used to identify which layers are advantageous for you to implement to bring you solutions that mitigate your cyber risk.

Cloud consulting services

From design, specifications, planning, migration, or expansion NENS IT consulting has experience to share.  Our engineers are trained and certified in the core cloud technology providers offerings and leverage this to ensure that your usage performs at the quality level you expect.

NENS engineering also has expertise in securing and protecting cloud resources.

Proven standards

As a top Boston IT consulting firm, we can bring the benefits of our solution standards.  Through standards, performance and cost can be controlled, user experience stabilized, and security improved.

Specialized vertical experience

NENS has unique expertise in the Life Sciences field.  NENS understands the unique stages and phases Bioscience companies go through, from early funding to approval.  The need to efficiently scale, operational procedures, and protection of key data is paramount. 

We have numerous IT consulting engagements in the Life Sciences field and are constantly being referred to new companies as key players move from one opportunity to another in the Boston market.

Become more efficient through trusted IT Consulting in Boston


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Get help in less than “2 rings” on the phone


Constant real time cybersecurity monitor, detect and respond solutions

Specialized Boston IT consulting for Life Sciences companies

Over the years as an IT consultant to Life Science companies, NENS has developed unique expertise. Consulting with companies operating under tight research, development, and testing cycles requires an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs and stages these companies pass through. There are also exclusive security, continuity, and scaling issues to be addressed.

We understand your movement through various phases of research and approvals and provide IT consulting that allows you to focus on your business and not be distracted but poor performing IT.

Discover your technical gaps and get solutions – fast

Assess your technology effectiveness
Understand your major risks
Close your vulnerabilities

Mature IT consulting practice

Two areas where NENS stands out from other IT consulting firms in Boston – Operational and organizational maturity.

1 – Operational maturity, at NENS we have strong policies and procedures to deliver consistent results, and we have a strong culture which aligns with our mission and enables us to make higher promises to our clients.  Our culture, procedures, organizational structure, systems, and compensation all align and point to our best-in-class delivery of managed IT services and solutions.

2 – Organizational maturity – NENS has been around longer than most IT firms.  For over a quarter of a century, NENS has been helping businesses in the greater Boston market with their IT strategy, solve their IT concerns, and providing best-in-class service performance.  NENS engineering staff has hundreds of years of IT consulting experience

Greater operational and organizational maturity translates to predictable proven results which helps our clients succeed.

A full team dedicated to your success

A great IT consultant can go a long way, but as an individual, there is a limit to the benefit they can provide.  Successful IT is no longer a single person game, it takes a village. 

When you engage with NENS you will have a dedicated account manager who is your accountability point with NENS.  They are non-technical so they do not get distracted with technical items and stay focused on you and your outcomes.  You also have a dedicated technical manager who works to provide technical strategy and oversight. Providing guidance and reviewing technical options.

You will have lead project engineers, field team members that will become extensions to your staff and a team of remote engineers and service desk staff.  Additionally, you have direct access to executive leadership.

Some companies assign an IT consultant, we give you a team of trained experts to focus on your business.

If you’re looking for a Boston IT consultant who can deliver transparent, reliable IT advice with 100% customer satisfaction, call NENS today.

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