Top IT Goals for 2023

The post-pandemic period has unleashed a host of new information technology challenges for companies. These challenges ranged from labor market disruption to raging inflation, new cybersecurity risks and the rise of remote work as a permanent reality. 

As we head towards 2023, business leaders should seize the initiative and align their IT goals with business objectives, while addressing the macroeconomic challenges ahead. 

Now is a great time to start working on IT objectives with your internal IT department or external managed service provider (MSP).

 The team at NENS is actively working with our clients in four areas to help them refine their IT goals for 2023 and develop detailed plans and budgets while improving operational efficiencies.

The 4 Major IT Objectives for 2023

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main 2023 IT objectives and goals examples that businesses should follow.

1. Achieve Operational Efficiency With Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a revolution in remote work. It forced businesses and their employees to rapidly adopt remote work and remote tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to maintain collaboration with colleagues, customers, and business partners.

The rush to set goals for remote work though was mostly a triage effort in the beginning. The simple need to keep people working combined with the need to meet strategic goals for the IT department often trumped cybersecurity and efficiency concerns. 

As we have entered a post-pandemic phase, things have evolved. Remote work is not only now mainstream, but is the preferred operating model for many employees. 

Over the past two years, lots of talent quit, seeking remote work roles with new employers. Today, employees are in the driver’s seat and embracing remote work like never before. 

The imperative for employers is to prioritize remote work for the long term. IT departments and MSPs should zero in on making remote work secure and cost-effective

On a very practical level, organizations need new standards and an effective management system for remote work setups for employees and to raise the bar on cybersecurity. 

New networking hardware, such as enterprise-grade telework firewalls, and new remote office setups, such as docking stations with multiple monitors, are required. 

The goal is to deliver remote staff the same levels of productivity and protection people were accustomed to in the office.



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2. SaaS Migration, With a Post-Pandemic Twist

While the migration to SaaS-based tools has been a decade in the making, the pandemic certainly accelerated the trend. 

In 2023, more organizations are ready to make the change to different hardware and software vendors, along with the long-term changes to traditional workflows and modes of operation. This will help to enhance communication and collaboration in real time.

For business and IT leaders, this means that SaaS migration projects will be more complex and likely more impactful as one of the top IT manager goals for the new year.

Changing vendors often means large data migration projects, new workflows, new cybersecurity and data protection concerns, to say nothing of employee training and education. 

NENS looks forward to helping clients make a difference in the new year, by embracing new SaaS vendors and tools that improve accessibility.

3. Cyber Risk Management: Frameworks and Policies

For companies across various industries, the compliance bar is constantly being raised higher. For example, in the defense manufacturing space in 2023, new mandates from the US Department of Defense are transforming how companies of all sizes invest in and manage cybersecurity. 

This regulatory framework, known as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), impacts all companies in the defense industrial base and may touch up to 300,000 different companies that are involved in supplying the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. 

Virtually every industry is confronting similar regulatory and compliance challenges. This is because cyber criminals continue to innovate and find new ways to exploit and compromise companies and their operations.

In 2023, there should be a renewed emphasis on adopting cybersecurity standards as part of the goals for your IT department, along with comprehensive execution. NENS is expert in helping clients adopt the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

By adopting a federally designed cybersecurity standard, companies can raise the bar on their internal policies and procedures, while making the required technology investments for mature and comprehensive cybersecurity.

IT Goals

4. Better Backup and Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Another of the most important IT department goals should be to audit and inspect their current backup and disaster recovery (BDR) capabilities.. 

Too often, organizations implement backup technologies in only a halfhearted fashion. Backup and disaster recovery technologies are complex and too often they are poorly implemented. 

NENS commonly discovers big implementation gaps when we perform IT and cybersecurity risk assessments with new clients. The risk, of course, is inferior or incomplete backups when disasters strike. 

Beyond BDR technology and implementation, organizations also need to address their business continuity planning. Business continuity is the “people and process” side of the equation. 

A business continuity plan is a written document that spells out the specifics of how a business will continue to operate in the face of a disaster or service disruption.

Companies can face everything from the sudden death of a key executive to widespread ransomware attacks that can bring operations to a grinding halt. 

NENS is working to ensure that every client has refreshed and revised IT business continuity plans in 2023, along with a methodology to thoroughly set goals and test backup technologies, processes, and business continuity plans.


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Set Realistic IT Objectives for 2023 With Help From NENS

Now that you have a good understanding of what some of the top IT goals for 2023 are, it’s time to start making plans to achieve them.

NENS delivers insightful IT advice and planning, in addition to ongoing IT service and support that improve communication and collaboration while helping you attain your strategic goals.

We look forward to helping existing and prospective clients address some of the big trends and challenges that all companies will face as we move into the new year.

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