Put an End to the IT Issues You’re Struggling With

Get a team of dedicated IT engineers (with over 25+ years of experience).

Why work with NENS for managed IT services?

Get your issues solved on the first phone call with our team of IT engineers.

Your business is always running with our ‘network operation center’ that is monitoring your systems and software round the clock.

Get a strategic account manager who is 100% dedicated to you and your success.

We keep you ahead of the competition with our tech committee that evaluates and reviews technology solutions to meet your business needs.

Guaranteed SLAs keep us accountable to you while ensuring quality and consistency of your managed IT services.

NENS will help you align your IT with your business initiatives, allowing your leaders to focus on more strategic work.

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Brands that Trust NENS for Managed IT Services

When you select NENS Managed IT Services, you get…

Technical Implementation

NENS managed IT services makes your life easier by delivering business technologies with experienced engineering teams. Onsite or remote, full cloud structures or small devices, your design, implementation, and support needs are met.

IT Service and Help Desk Support

Call us for instant technical support (from our team of remote engineers). You have peace of mind with our guaranteed SLA performance. 98.5% of support requests earn a “Green Smiley – I am happy!” from our clients.

Field Tech Support

With our IT support firm in Boston, you can get on-site technical support in 4 hours with a team of IT engineers for projects, support, patching, system maintenance, and repairs.

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Boston solutions will support your business needs. Chose the level of service you need and that best meets your IT budget.

IT Consulting

More than tech support, we provide IT leadership and guidance to help you get the best value from your technology. We align with your business goals and provide direction with an IT Strategic Roadmap. This 6 quarter plan aligns with your business goals to help move you forward.

Network Support

Our teams of engineers have expertise with projects, migrations, installations, upgrades, and relocations. NENS can help you streamline your network operations with our Boston IT services.

Cloud Services

NENS provides cloud solutions that fit your business. We have expertise in planning, migration, installation, management, and supporting your cloud resources. We also have cybersecurity solutions to protect your cloud assets.

Cyber Security

NENS unique Security Risk Assessment provides an easy to understand, 30 page risk assessment. This document provides your executive leadership with a clear understanding of risks and threats with recommendations on how to mitigate cybersecurity concerns.

IT Procurement

Distractions cost you time and money. NENS IT procurement can get the right technology solutions to suit your business through sourcing, negotiating, and implementation of your IT strategies.

Why Clients Depend On Our IT Company in Boston

"Needed help ASAP and you responded within minutes!"

CPA firm, C.D.

"Tech was new, and worked very creatively to fix our issue here at Chapman. He had a great attitude and made the issue an enjoyable resolution."

Manufacturing R.A.

"Excellent and speedy response time!"

Life Sciences / Biotech Company R.P.

"Reth was exceptional and saw the fix all the way to the end. Very confident in his ability to resolve the issue quickly from the moment we began to troubleshoot."

Insurance Industry, B.B.

"Awesome service! tech was on time and on it!"

Manufacturing R.C.

"The NENS team was so friendly and responsive. Took good care to be sure I was satisfied with the outcome. Much appreciate. Nancy O'Connor"

Insurance Industry N.O.

"Reth is so great! He's expedient, thorough, and always positive and update. He also makes sure that issues were resolved via follow-up messages. He should be acknowledged as an outstanding employee!"

Wealth Management A.T.

"The NENS team was dogged in their determination to identify the cause of the problem and resolve the issue!"

Healthcare M.C.

"Fixed my problem with good communication."

Professional Services D.F.

"Engineer was excellent. Learned about the prioritization process during this encounter."

Life Sciences / Biotech Company F.M.

"Fast. Ticket was completed in less than an hour. Thank you"

Property Management R.V.

"David was outstanding and took straightened out all of my computer issues very quickly."

Property Management J.P.

New England Network Services

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Why We Are a Leading Location Managed Services Provider

Managed IT in Manchester

4 Levels of Managed Services allow users to experience superior performance and consistent quality.

NENS’ managed services offer 4 unique levels, including:


  1. Security Managed Care – the core security components that protect your business from cyber attacks, hacking, and data breaches.
  2. Server Infrastructure Care – offers support for your core infrastructure components such as servers, firewalls, network and infrastructure in addition to all the protection and benefits of security managed care.
  3. Remote Managed Care – adds remote user support for your staff to the existing Infrastructure Managed Care offering.
  4. Total Managed Care – adds onsite support at a fixed cost for businesses that want help on premise.

Our Managed Service SLA Performance Is Top In The Industry.

We track every support engagement for response, engagement, and resolution. Our measured performance is the clearest indicator of what your experience would be with us: our constant focus on performance measurement helps to improve your IT outcomes.

That is how we can give you Guaranteed Service Levels, with a financial guarantee and compensation for service shortcomings.

96.4% of service requests are met or exceeded in our SLA for response, engagement, and resolution targets.

Our culture and compensation structures are aligned with giving you great results. Each month, our staff competes for the highest personal service rating, with many of them achieving 100% positive reviews.

All this focus on excellent service puts us at the top of IT companies.

Managed Services
IT service company in Manchester

NENS’ unique expertise and professional services are here to serve you.

NENS’ extensive experience in Managed IT Services allows us to offer you the best solutions for IT planning, cloud management, backup & data protection, cyber security, and much more.

Our service desk, remote engineering, account management, and field teams are all organized to deliver best-in-class results for your business structure, providing the support you need to drive more efficient business growth.

In working with NENS, you’ll be working with an IT service company that has a proven history of providing professional, managed services every time.

Stop Surprise IT Issues From Derailing Your Productivity.

Put an end to surprise IT problems and focus your attention on your business priorities.

Get the IT managed service your business needs to succeed

Companies that have effective planning and implementation achieve greater growth.

Having an IT Plan aligned with your business helps you reduce hidden costs and avoid crisis-based IT decisions that can impair your business.

In our 25+ years providing managed network services as an IT company, we’ve found that companies with clear IT plans get better value and results. We work to make sure all of our clients benefit from this discipline.

NENS can help you create a rolling IT strategy for the next 6 quarters of IT initiatives that give you better control over your IT infrastructure – allowing you to drive your other, critical business initiatives to success.

Remote Boston IT Support


1) What do Managed IT Services in Boston include?

Managed IT Services in Boston can include a wide range of services, but typically they involve proactively monitoring and managing your company’s information technology to ensure that it is running smoothly and securely. 

This can include on-demand support for when issues or problems arise, as well as regular maintenance and updates to your systems. Service providers also offer strategic planning and consulting services to help you optimize technology solutions for your specific business needs.

2) What do Boston IT services do?

Boston-based IT services provide a wide range of IT support and services to businesses in the area. They can help with everything from system integration to setting up cloud services and disaster recovery.

They can also help troubleshoot any technical problems you may be having. Basically, if there’s anything to do with computers or technology, Boston IT services can probably help you out.

3) How much should I pay for managed IT services in Boston, MA?

Well, that really depends on a lot of factors. The size of your business, the scope of services you need, the number of employees you have, etc. all play a role in determining the true cost of managed IT services in the Boston area.

In general, you can expect to pay a fixed price per month per user for full coverage of your entire network and team.

4) How does managed IT in Boston work?

Boston IT services are offered by specialized IT companies (such as NENS) that focus on helping businesses like yours meet IT needs. This can include project management, cloud consulting, and providing ongoing support services.

During the initial stages of the engagement, we’ll understand your needs, your infrastructure, and your IT goals. Based on that, we’ll create customized IT strategy, onboard your IT systems, and free you from the burden of managing IT.

5) Why do I need managed IT services in Boston?

There are a few key reasons why you might need managed IT services in Boston. 

First, if you don’t have the technical expertise in-house, then it can be helpful to outsource your IT needs to a team of experts. 

Second, if you’re experiencing problems with your IT systems – such as crashes, glitches, or slow performance – then managed IT services can help identify and fix the problem. 

Finally, by outsourcing your IT needs, you can free up your internal team to focus on other strategic initiatives.